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  1. oden010

    electric heater units

    Hello everyone. Can you hardwire an electric stove temperature control knob directly to the power cord?
  2. oden010

    Hello everyone

    Hello, I have been away for some time. I made a batch of summer sausage this fall and have since lost my recipe of Big Guys Summer Sausage. Can anybody point in in the direction to find it again ?
  3. oden010

    Deer Sausage Info

    The rytek book is great on procedure but as far as the recipes go I haven't found one in the book yet that I like.  To each their own.
  4. oden010

    Bad smoke from a smoke generator

    Hello everyone.  I have a vertical plywood smoker that I have been using for years.  I put a propane bq unit in it and have always smoked from 140-175 degrees. I recently killed some hogs and cured the pork according to the direction.  First mistake, way to salty.  Wanting to cold smoke I took a...
  5. oden010

    Hello from Minnesota (where most think ketchup is a spice)

    Greeting from another Minnesotan. I have a problem, my german heritage believes that spices are REAL. However my other half who is scandinavian, thinks ketchup (and the only ketchup is heinz according to her) should be watered down because it is to spicy. Food should hurt just as bad on the...
  6. oden010

    First attempt at sausage!! W/Q-view

    How is that boar for eating. My brother killed a 2 yr old domestic boar and I told him to get that stuff out of my house. It wreaked of ammonia when he cooked it and had the same taste to it.
  7. oden010

    Is carp crap?

    It actually was proven on mythbusters that you can put a shine on a turd.
  8. oden010

    sausage seasonings

    Thanks everyone, I will increase my salt on the next batch. I have tried to sample taste but to me it never tastes anything like the final smoked product.
  9. oden010

    Whole round tip?

    Actually the sirloin tip does not come off the back side of the femur. It is off the front of the femur or the side closest the head. As best I can tell the whole round tip would be a cut of the top, bottom , and eye of the round cut way distal just above the pot roast. But the sirloin tip...
  10. oden010

    Good old fashion round bologna

    Hey everyone. One of my favorite childhood memories of food involve bologna. I remember going to the butcher and having them thick slice old fashion garlic bologna and smoked cheddar. Has anyone found a recipe to compete with this bologna. I hate to buy it in the store or buy a kit. I just...
  11. oden010

    sausage seasonings

    I through out this recipe and tinkered and altered a few. My all beef grass fed wieners are identical to the old fashion skin on except that they are leaner. I will try tinkering with accent but I am going to be making and selling " all natural homemade sausages and was trying to get away from...
  12. oden010

    sausage seasonings

    hot dogs3 lbs pork butt (shoulder) 80% lean 2 lbs beef chuck, 80% lean3 tablespoons paprika3 tablespoons corn syrup2 teaspoons garlic powder or granules1 tablespoon ground dried mustard1 tablespoon kosher salt2 teaspoons fine ground black pepper2 teaspoons ground coriander1 teaspoon ground mace1...
  13. oden010

    sausage seasonings

    Hi everyone. I have a problem with homemade sausage seasonings. When they are mixed they smell so good. The problem is that after they are cooked they have no taste or are so bland. I have tried increasing my fat and salt a little but no difference except they become to salty. Any help...
  14. oden010

    What do I use for a fan

    Hey everyone I am new here. I have a homemade smoker and I am getting cool spots. Does anyone have any ideas of what kind of fans I could put in to circulate. I was think about attaching a " semi-circle" pipe that inserts into the top and the other end into the bottom to use hot air and cold...
  15. oden010

    New plywood smokehouse

    I made a plywood smoker out of 3/4 ply last year. It is about 2x2 1/2 feet square and about 5 1/2 feet tall. The bottom I made a storage area so my smoke chamber is about 4 1/2 feet tall. I made the door a little less than 2 feet. A word of advice. Make the door as wide as possible to allow...
  16. oden010

    Are my casings ROTTEN?????

    It has been my experience that the packages dry salted sheep casing smell like crap. I could not even think about using them. But I purchased salt brined wet sheep casing and they had no odor to them. I bought mine from Ham Lake Butcher Supply in Minnesota.