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  1. akdutchguy

    Questions about UDS Build

    The valve on the side is used as an adjustable air inlet. Use it to maintain temp. I have 4 holes in mine. One has the valve and the others just get covered with magnets. I'm thinking about installing a second valve in one of the other holes. In winter it usually takes one valve full open and...
  2. akdutchguy

    Spatched da bird

    Looks good. Can't wait to see it smoked. I love spatchcocked birds. Cooks even and faster. I don't think I could go back to where birds. Jason
  3. akdutchguy

    Thanksgiving practice run.

    The mesquite worked well for me. I think it would be overpowering on a longer smoke. I don't use mesquite that much. I got this bag for some goat I did awhile back. Might have to try some other proteins. Jason
  4. akdutchguy

    Thanksgiving practice run.

    Nice color. What wood did you smoke with? Jason
  5. akdutchguy

    Thanksgiving practice run.

    Got an old turkey from my sister in law for our weekly cousin feed. Put the turkey in a basic salt and sugar brine for 3 days. I love this time of year when it stays between 32 and 40 outside so I don't need to use the fridge. I fired up the uds with some kbb. Got it holding at 300. Threw the...
  6. akdutchguy

    No Wrap Ribs

    No wrap here either. I will use my dry rub and smoke on the uds til they hit 195. I try to keep the temp around 250-275. Cherry is my goto wood. No sauce no spritz just meat and rub. No complaints other than I never cook enough. Need a bigger smoker. Jason
  7. akdutchguy

    Smoked Green chilies?

    I just got some hatch chilies and was thinking about smoking them. Has anybody done this? A couple questions I had: Skin on or off? What temp? Best wood? I was thinking pecan Will be canning them when I'm done. Any pointers.? Thanks Jason
  8. akdutchguy

    325 Gal Reverse flow

    Looks tasty. Nice job on the build. Jason
  9. akdutchguy

    No smoke ring

    That's funny. True but funny. I was watching a cooking show and the judge said she eats with her eyes. I tried it grabbed a fork full of pp and poked it in. Didn't taste like anything but it sure hurt. Like bear said the smoke ring is just for looks. It adds nothing for flavor. Keep it moist...
  10. akdutchguy


    I usually wrap when it hits the stall. Helps drive it through. After the wrap I will usually jack the temp up a bit to finish it. Jason
  11. akdutchguy

    Brisket and Ribs on the UDS lots of pics along the way!

    Those look amazing. Nice color on both. I need to get a brisket going on my uds again. Points on the cook Jason
  12. akdutchguy

    Folks in New Mexico are serious about their chilie!

    I was born and raised in New Mexico. I love chilies on most things. Not a fan of burn your guts hot but enjoy the flavor. Need to have the folks send me some more. Jason
  13. akdutchguy

    UDS vs DBS for newbies

    I love my uds. It was way easy to build. I can dump in an 18 pound bag of charcoal and do about 25 hours of smoking on it. Once it is set it can hold Temps all day. I have noticed that when the wind changes my Temps get thrown off. I have smoked from -20 outside to in the 80s. I love mine. Jason
  14. akdutchguy

    Simple ribs

    Thanks for the point disco. It's easy to do and the ribs are what I like. Jason
  15. akdutchguy

    Simple ribs

    Thanks guys they turned out great. I need ger my rub figured out by weight. Every time I make a batch it is different. This batch is just right. Jason
  16. Simple ribs

    Simple ribs

  17. akdutchguy

    Simple ribs

    Well it's Thursday night on the farm. Good night for a family meal of smoked ribs with cole slaw and potato salad. It's amazing how many different ways people turn out some delicious ribs. I thought I would share the way I do ribs. I got some St. Louis ribs from the store today. I put some of my...
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