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  1. hungrysmoking

    Smoked Cuban Pulled Pork for Father's Day

  2. hungrysmoking

    Smoked Cuban Pulled Pork for Father's Day

    Thanks Noboundaries for the thread and Ycastane for your authentic input suggestions and ideas.I've been looking for something diifferent for pulled pork:I love it but have been eating traditional style all my life,time for a little variety.You have given me inspiration,and another proof that...
  3. hungrysmoking

    Freezing ribs??

    Spare Ribs freeze very well and they also thaw quickly.I bought about 12 racks a little while back when Kroger here in VA. had them on sale.Have been practicing smoking ribs about once a week since  and getting better every week.I hope theyre on sale again soon before I run out of practice...
  4. hungrysmoking

    Oklahoma Joe Smokers from Lowe's and Walmart. What's the difference>

    Good question Doyne,I was wondering myself.Looks to me youve hit the nail on the head.Im thinking serious about the Wal-Mart one myself.I hope someone can tell us if theres any more difference than the size.Good luck an happy smoking.
  5. hungrysmoking

    PORK SPARE RIBS $1.88 a LB!!!!!

    Dont know how many of you this will help but Kroger in Roanoke.VA has Pork Spare Ribs for $1.88lb.YEEHAW!!! My prayers have been answered.Stocked up my freezer.
  6. hungrysmoking

    Coleslaw with a little bit of attitude.

    This recipe is very simple,and the flavor is probably not for everybodys taste but I like it and its big in the Lexington,N,C.area.   4 cups finely shredded cabbage   1/3 cup apple cider vinegar   1/3 cup ketchup   2 tbs white sugar   2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes or to taste   2 dashes...
  7. hungrysmoking

    Coleslaw with a little bit of attitude.

    That looks good  MDboatbum,but have yall ever tried BBQ slaw on pulled pork? Its good and really big in NC.
  8. hungrysmoking

    What's your occupation?

    Former owner-operator Trucker-back gave out so now on disability.Can still lift a shoulder and put on smoker though.Before becoming a trucker many years ago I did restaurant work and a lot of construction. 
  9. hungrysmoking

    Charcoal Basket

    Thanks for the come back jarjarchef. Theres a lot of different metals to choose from, I definetly don't want to use one that's poisonous or give the food an off taste.
  10. hungrysmoking

    Re: Points

    Thanks for the explanations,Ive read a lot here where I feel the poster deserved points or a rack of ribs or something.
  11. hungrysmoking

    Charcoal Basket

    Hey yall,Glenn here aka HungrySmokinG,you mentioned expanded metal,which ive been looking at for some mods on my chargriller pro with SFB.What kind of materials are recommended for the expanded metal to be food safe? Thanks and I love this forum community.  
  12. hungrysmoking

    Smoked apple pork loin.

    That do look good!  I was planning on smoking pork loin roast tonight, think I will give your recipie a try.Thanks for sharing it.  
  13. hungrysmoking

    3rd Annual North Carolina Smokers Gathering (With Pics)

    Hey Yall, that sounds like a good time and right in my neck of the woods.Will try to make it if can.I grew up in Winston-Salem so I knows some Carolina boys can throw down and do up some of the best Q..I really love this forum have learned a  lot from you guys and im really glad we have these...
  14. hungrysmoking

    Comment by 'hungrysmoking' in media 'IMG_0463.JPG'

    Thanks for welcome, and those ribs lookin good! Thats my favorite cut of ribs.It takes some skill to getm looking that good and tasting good.
  15. hungrysmoking

    Waving Hello from SW VA

    Hey yall as title says im in SW Virginia,names Glenn,aka HungrySmokinG ,been living here for about 25 years or so but grew up near Lexington NC,which I consider to be one of the BBQ capitals of the world.Im a former Owner-Operator Trucker so i was fortunate to be able to travel this great...