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  1. smokesontuesday

    New here, Looking for a Teriyaki recipe

    There are all kinds of Teriyaki recipes here and the few I've tried were tasty. There's a but coming... But just like Holly suggested it's hard to beat Soy Vey Veri Teriyaki. I've just quit messing with trying to reinvent the wheel for teriyaki. It's great sauce. It's cheap. It turns out a...
  2. smokesontuesday

    Getting anxious. lol

    There isn't a bluetooth connect button on the 340G. The correct instructions for it are in the manual (at least they were for mine). I want to say you hold down the temp button but I honestly don't remember. Once I read the manual and found out which button was the one then it connected without...
  3. smokesontuesday

    Christmas Exchange

    Purchased part of the gift I'm sending last weekend and the rest will be in the smoker tomorrow.
  4. smokesontuesday

    New Double Wall Oven and Pantry Cabinet Project

    Awesome looking work Lance. I'm tearing the kitchen in our 112 year old farm house out starting in March if you need another list to work yourself through.
  5. smokesontuesday

    Double Smoked Ham & Smoked Turkey Club Sandwich (Bear Style)

    I'm not a big fan of club sandwiches but I'd gladly put 2 or 3 of those away. Looks delicious as always Bear.
  6. smokesontuesday

    Seeing all those long time members no longer posting makes you wonder.

    I haven't been around as much the last year as I was the first three years I was on this board but I'm back now. Life got crazy for a while and it's still crazy but damn it I've got to have my Q-View fixes.
  7. smokesontuesday

    I Wont Tell Yet

    That was my thought too.
  8. smokesontuesday

    What's on your Christmas list?

    Bought an MES 340G when my MES 30 quit over Thanksgiving so Christmas is pretty well done for me.
  9. smokesontuesday

    advice for planning 2 butts for pulled pork

    Once mine hit 195 IT I start wiggling the bone and probing to check for tenderness. Usually by 205 they're ready to take out of the smoker and rest. Every butt is different but 203-205 is a good rule of thumb. I've had them pull easily as low as 198 and had one that didn't start to fall apart...
  10. smokesontuesday

    First Smoke in the new MES 340G (Mini Q-View)

    Yep. It's hard for me to fire up the smoker and not have at least a chub of bologna in it. With all the choices of protein to smoke I always come back to bologna as a guilty pleasure.
  11. smokesontuesday

    Chiefs Tailgate

    Just throwing this out there as a random thought hit me. Anyone here a Chiefs fan and a tailgater? My dad and I are going to the Chiefs/Chargers game next Thursday and I'd love to meet some members from here if you are going to be there.
  12. smokesontuesday

    First Smoke in the new MES 340G (Mini Q-View)

    It was quite a storm. It missed my in laws south fence by about 100 yards. They live out at Eldon. I cut two rick of wood clearing off the county road between my house and the highway and we were a good 15 miles from the tornado itself. It isn't often that one stays on the ground that long but...
  13. smokesontuesday

    First Smoke in the new MES 340G (Mini Q-View)

    I originally planned to just smoke chicken and ribs last Saturday to break in my new 340G but as usual plans change. After a tornado decided to blow through our area Friday night we found out some friends lost their house so I loaded up the smoker to take them dinner. I also loaded down the...
  14. smokesontuesday

    MES 40 arrived banged up- will this cause issues?

    Looks like you're already on your way but I would have yelled until I got an exchange too. I unpacked the same smoker from Sam's last week without a dent to be found. You bought a brand new smoker and you shouldn't receive one that is all dinged up, functional or not.
  15. smokesontuesday

    Bear’s Thanksgiving 2018 (Downloaded A Week Late)

    Looks good Bear. That mini egg in the middle of the smoking table cracks me up for some reason.
  16. smokesontuesday

    Giving away/gifting meats - liability

    I've never, to my knowledge at least, made anyone sick with my cooking. My coworkers wouldn't bother to sue me anyway though. They know where I work (obviously) and my salary is public record. It wouldn't be worth their time and they know it. Most home insurance policies provide some coverage...
  17. smokesontuesday

    MES Generation Number Recognition Pictures & Info (Digital Units)

    I've seen other review sites that note that Masterbuilt upgraded the wiring and fixed most of the Gen 2.5's electrical and bluetooth issues with the 340G. Hopefully that's true. I know they've done a ton of work on the app recently. Appreciate the break in tips. I'll probably fire it up...
  18. smokesontuesday

    MES Generation Number Recognition Pictures & Info (Digital Units)

    I'll find out this weekend when I get a chance to put it through its paces. From reading everything here though and just general smoker knowledge I can't see any reason why it wouldn't be great.
  19. smokesontuesday

    MES Generation Number Recognition Pictures & Info (Digital Units)

    No RF remote on this one, or at least if there is then mine wasn't in the box. It's Bluetooth controlled like the 2.5.
  20. smokesontuesday

    MES Generation Number Recognition Pictures & Info (Digital Units)

    Vent is top left back corner as you're looking at it like the Gen 2.5 is.