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  1. rileybowler

    Are These PID Settings Reasonable (after Auto Tune) 2nd Gen MES 40"

    Excuse me please for being ignorant but what is the purpose for this thing?
  2. rileybowler

    Smoke flavor issue

    Have you tried closing the vent some?
  3. rileybowler

    3 Layer Meatloaf with Romanoff Potato Puff Cups, And BBQ Cake also

    Very nice job, and you may not be able to wait until tomorrow for a sandwich maybe later tonight.
  4. rileybowler

    What Happened to Pork Roast

    So I decided to smoke a pork loin roast to go with the Thanksgiving Day turkey breast and I smoked it at 250 to 275 degrees. I dry rubbed it and then wrapped in bacon and pulled it when the internal temp reached 140 degrees and did not slice for a couple of hours and it came out very tough is...
  5. rileybowler

    Which pellet grill I should buy? Traeger, Camp Chef or Req Teq?

    Personally I think that Req Tec is way over priced and they have had problems since reorganizing and for the money and features as well as reliability I think that Camp Chef is your best bet and they do have great service. I am sure there will be an abundance of opinions on which is the best. I...
  6. rileybowler

    Can I smoke a pork shoulder the way i smoke a pork butt?

    Looks like you did a great job
  7. rileybowler

    Been Taking a Break

    Hope that things continue to go in the positive direction and hopefully the market will begin to go up again
  8. rileybowler

    Longtime lurker.... first time actual member! Looking to get back into the Smoking game

    Welcome aboard looking forward to your post
  9. rileybowler

    Son's Grad Party - Say A Prayer For Me!

    Man you sure took on a big load with all this, I would not attempt this but my hat is off to you great planning as well as great cooking. After this is over you and the wife deserve a vacation.
  10. rileybowler

    Why so little action in the Kamado sub forum?

    This is great advice and generally speaking you cannot go wrong learning something slowly
  11. rileybowler

    New guy checkin in..from Jersey

    Welcome aboard and hope that you will like your MasterBuilt electric smoker, which model did you purchase?
  12. rileybowler

    Which pellet grill I should buy? Traeger, Camp Chef or Req Teq?

    I was talking about the probe that measures the temp inside the smoker, sorry if I didn't make that clear enough
  13. rileybowler

    Chuck Roast Burnt Ends

    I know that I am a little late but I do appreciate you sharing this and I most definitely am going to try this.
  14. rileybowler

    Which pellet grill I should buy? Traeger, Camp Chef or Req Teq?

    If you compare price to what you are getting, I would have to say go with the Camp Chef, they are very reliable, and the customer service is great. I have owned the DLX24 Pro for probably 6 or 7 years and the only thing that I have had to replace is a knob that cracked and a temp probe that was...
  15. rileybowler

    Advice Smoking a Tri Tip like a brisket

    I am using a Nexgrill Oakford1000 pellet grill and it is brand new so perhaps the electronics are calibrating I don't know if that was the problem or not.
  16. rileybowler

    Advice Smoking a Tri Tip like a brisket

    I put the tri tip in and had the temperature set at 225 and smoked until internal temp was 165 degrees pulled and wrapped in butchers paper and have had it going for another hour and the internal temp has actually dropped to 158 degrees . I was wondering if these tri tip roast have a stall...
  17. rileybowler

    Nexgrill Oakford1000

    Well I finally got to try my brand new Nexgrill Oakford1000 and stuck to something simple so I did a meatloaf at 225 degrees and wouldn't you know it, it started to rain towards the end so here I am out in the back yard trying to hold an umbrella over me and the smoker and I had to jack up the...
  18. rileybowler

    Louisiana Grills SL1000 Pellet Grill..opinon

    My concern would be all of the 1 star ratings as well as 2 and 3 star ratings. I read one of them and a customer said he spent a lot of time assembling and then it did not work. It does look like a grill with plenty of features at that price. You may want to google it on internet for reviews.
  19. rileybowler

    Nexgrill Pellett

    Does anyone on this site own a Nexgrill Oakford790 Pellett grill, I am a member of the Home depot Seeds program and get to receive items of my choice from many different items so today I had a chance to get the Nexgrill Oakford790 pellet grill and was hoping someone on here had one and could...
  20. rileybowler

    Makes me want to cry

    Well look on the bright side he now has a good excuse to buy a bigger and better brand spanking new unit.