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  1. texastitan

    Scarbelly Wings (Buffalo Style)

    Made a batch today. Meat inside was moist and tasted great. Outside was a little salty but I think I used a little too much TC Creole seasoning. Not bad for first time. Thanks for posting.128077 ☞ Sent from here ☜
  2. texastitan

    Scarbelly Wings (Buffalo Style)

    Just to be sure, it's 1 part Creole Butter to 2 part hot sauce correct?
  3. texastitan

    Thermopen "open box" sale is on again

    Mine came in today. Anybody else got a bag of Jelly Belly? LOL ☞ Sent from here☜
  4. texastitan

    Thermopen "open box" sale is on again

    Just placed an order the the fast red one.
  5. texastitan

    Thermopen "open box" sale is on again

    How much are they regularly? ☞ Sent from here☜
  6. texastitan

    Honey Sriracha injected wings

    Look delicious, might have to try something like that next time. ☞ Sent from here☜
  7. texastitan

    some fattie questions

    I made my first fattie today too. Used some "sweet Italian sausage" I found at the local supermarket. I added some mozzarella cheese, mushroom and baby spinach. ☞ Sent from here☜
  8. texastitan

    Smoking in the rain

    Haha great idea. Started raining a little here too. If it would have gotten harder my umbrella would have came out too. ☞ Sent from here☜
  9. texastitan

    whats everyone cooking for the big game

    Rolled me a fatty stuffed with mozzarella chess, mushrooms and babe spinach. Wrapped in a bacon weave. Also a track of beef ribs. First time trying both so hope it come out ok. Go Texans? LOL ☞ Sent from here☜
  10. texastitan

    Hi from TX

    Hello everyone, new here from Sugar Land TX. Hoping to learn more tips and tricks from other members here with smoking meats. ☞ Sent from here☜