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  1. waytoodeep03

    How are Bubba Burgers so juicy?

    This is the ingredients to their bacon burger. Anything here stick out to you that says it would make it juicy? Anything I can use in homemade burgers? USDA Beef Chuck, Cheddar Cheese [(Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Culture, Salt, Enzymes), Water, Milk Fat, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium...
  2. waytoodeep03

    How are Bubba Burgers so juicy?

    How can a frozen mass produced burger turn out this juicy when cooked? If I make a ground chuck or high fat content ground sirloin burger it is never this juicy if it is even juicy at all. How do they get these things so juicy Im not sure if you live in a city with a burger place called...
  3. waytoodeep03

    Brining rotisserie chicken?

    So can these chickens be made at home using a rotisserie grill? I just bought two organic birds from sams club. They are not in any solution. I want to make them like costco, juicy tender and flavorful
  4. waytoodeep03

    Brining rotisserie chicken?

    Is this a good idea to do? I just got the kamado joe rotisserie attachment and wanted to do my first bird. If I brine it would the texture turn out mushy? I've only smoked quarters on this grill and those were brined.
  5. waytoodeep03

    How do you make pork tenderloin medallions moist and juicy

    It doesnt have to be grilled I was even leaning towards the oven for a cook. I just need these things to be juicy and moist. I bought a pack of the thick tenderloin medallions on sale at costco today. The look very similar to these They have a good chunk of fat on the edges just like the...
  6. waytoodeep03

    When to start brining the bird for thanksgiving

    Looking to get a 20 pounder to smoke on the big joe. When should i start brining it to smoke it thanksgiving morning
  7. waytoodeep03

    Kurobuta Pork / Birkshire Hogs / "American Kobe" Beef????

    Forget Berkshire Mangalitsa and Iberico are where its at. I have some Mangalitsa coming in this week. I will post a QView of them soon
  8. waytoodeep03

    Can you brine pork loin like you do chicken

    Brine for a week? Inject even with a brine?
  9. waytoodeep03

    Can you brine pork loin like you do chicken

    To make it moist and tender?  I was thinking of roasting it or smoking it after a sear.  If I do either I would like to know how to keep it moist even after refrigeration the next day.  If i brine chicken it keeps that tender moist texture even after refrigerating it and microwaving it. 
  10. waytoodeep03

    Wuci 3-2-1 question

    Ahh you know what i put the meat side up and put everything on the top of the ribs. Then placed back in the smoker with the meat side up as well
  11. waytoodeep03

    Wuci 3-2-1 question

    Temp was 250 for two hours in the foil.
  12. waytoodeep03

    Wuci 3-2-1 question

    When wrapping and using the johnny trigg method with brown sugar and tiger sauce etc, my ribs end up black on the bottom as the sugar is burning in the foil. How can i prevent this? I use brown sugar, parkay, tiger sauce and clove honey in my foil
  13. waytoodeep03

    Anyone used duck fat on ribs

    I see this done on bbq pitmasters. They rub rendered duck fat on the ribs when the ribs are done before turn in. Anyone done this?
  14. waytoodeep03

    Does anyone sell Brisket points only?

    Is there any chain store or online store that sells brisket points only? IM in Texas by the way. Houston
  15. waytoodeep03

    Frozen vs fresh turkey

    So Im guessing since the frozen bird is already in that solution then it doesnt need to be brined?
  16. waytoodeep03


    A trick I saw on BBQ Pitmasters is to spray the turkey with that non stick cooking spray after you dry the meat and before you put the rub on then it goes into smoker. It gives it that bronze look and crisps up the skin really nice. Good looking turkey you have
  17. waytoodeep03

    Anyone have Myron Mixons Pork Butt Marinade Recipe

    5 pounds of sugar? My goodness
  18. waytoodeep03

    Anyone have Myron Mixons Pork Butt Marinade Recipe

    I read it in his book a while ago I remember vinegar and accent(msg) but not much else. Does anyone have it?
  19. waytoodeep03

    Cant get my flats tender

    Bought a Wagyu brisket last night. Probe checked it from 185 all the way through 210 when I finally pulled it. . The flat would just not get probe tender even at 210 and this was a wagyu from strube. I just could not understand it. It was only a 10 pound and took 14 hrs to get to 210.  Out of...
  20. waytoodeep03

    Brisket on my Green Egg

    I'm still trying to make sense of this too. Sounds like Aaron franklin just is trying to be Different in his cooking methods. wrapping is wrapping whether it be foil, paper or other