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  1. vegansbeware

    First Summer Sausage

    Note to find the ingredients... Prague powder Fermento The casings Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  2. vegansbeware

    Help! New and lost.. Apple Cider Spray???

    I do a mix of... 1 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. pepper 1/2 cup Dijon Mustard...not the stone ground stuff, the smooth stuff Set aside about 1/2 cup to drizzle over the shreds to add a little moisture and flavor then I mop it on...about every 1-1.5 hours for the first 4-5...
  3. vegansbeware

    Hello from Tulsa

    Welcome to our little corner of the web!
  4. vegansbeware

    First Summer Sausage

    Awesome Job! Looks Great! I have about 10+ pounds of Venison in my deep freeze, that my neighbor gave me to "play with". Wonder if this recipe would work.
  5. vegansbeware

    Cost of Smoking Pork Ribs Comparison

    Another way to make the most of each smoke...fill up the smoker!! Even if you don't plan on eating it that day, you can utilize the extra space on the racks. If you're doing ribs, throw on a fatty, a few pork chops, some ABTs, whatever you think would taste good with the wood selection you are...
  6. vegansbeware


    I used this recipe for the Brine Smoked over a mix of Hickory, Sugar Maple, and a little Apple...the skin was the only thing I was disappointed was a little "rubbery" and tough...but the meat underneath...was...
  7. 2010 Turkey.jpg

    2010 Turkey.jpg

  8. vegansbeware


    I've done turkeys for the past 2 years, both Thanksgiving and Christmas. They turned out excellent each I guess the luck has been good... What's your question?
  9. vegansbeware

    Friday Funny Pictures

    What!? An Engineer that messed something up? How typical!
  10. vegansbeware

    What is everyone's bacon choice?

    I use Burgers County Style Bacon. Nice thick slices that won't fall apart as easy when working with them at close to room temp.
  11. vegansbeware

    Cooking a whole pig - The Cowgirl Way :-)

    I'm registered and I can't see them. I've used both Google Chrome and Windows Internet Explorer and nothin'. Just little red "X's"
  12. vegansbeware

    Burnt Ends Advice Needed

    The meat from the point is your best bet for burnt ends. Just separate the flat from the point once the flat reaches around 190. Then take the point on up to around 210. Then cut the point into cubes about 1 inch in size. Place them into a foil pan, cover with your favorite BBQ sauce. Put them...
  13. vegansbeware

    Shrimp ABT's with orange tobiko - w- q-view

    Man oh man! Does that look good or what! Good thing I'm about to leave for lunch!
  14. vegansbeware

    Saying goodbye to Mother'n Law (Put Down Drinks Before Reading)

    That's GREAT!! My Mother-In-Law actually lives in the "In-Law quarters in the basement!! I"ve wanted to try that on a few seperate occasions... Oops! Did I just really type that!!! That's ok...I don't think any of you will tell her!!!
  15. vegansbeware

    Brisket is a little dry...

    I know there are about as many methods for smoking a brisket as there are BBQ fans. To each their own. My method has seemed to work flawlessly every time I've done it. Here's a link to my post... It may be kinda long but it is a full...
  16. vegansbeware

    Pulled Pork with Lots of extras. QView

    Whoah Looks good! I think I came darn close to shorting out my keyboard with drool! POINTS!!
  17. vegansbeware

    Quick Brisket Question

    I've never used a pan, the only plus side to using a pan is to keep moisture close to the meat. When you foil, you'll be doing just the same thing. Smoke with the meat directly on the grate until the meat hits 170, then foil. I don't even flip mine. I use the the "self basting" method, so I...
  18. vegansbeware

    Quick Brisket Question

    Gaga, Heres an overnight brisket smoke that I did where I used to foil method. I'm pretty sure I say what temp to wrap for both the point and the flat. Also, why you cooking in a pan? Why not directly on the grates? Directly on the grates...
  19. vegansbeware

    Not to brag or anything but....

    Oh, I'll be takin' some pictures, don't you worry! We got a new camera this'll give me a good excuse to try that out too!
  20. vegansbeware

    Not to brag or anything but....

    Look what I'm getting today!!! I feel like I did back when I was 7 going to bed on Christmas Eve!!! I have a VERY good feeling that I will be smoking something this weekend...just to make sure it works....and yes, I'll post pics.