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  1. graywolf1936

    B-B-Q sauce.

    2 cup ketchup ¼ c VINEGAR ½ T DRY MUSTARD ½ c MAPLE SYRUP ½ t SP LIQUID SMOKE 1 TSP PECELLI CHILI POWDER SALT 1 t BLACK PEPPER ½ C BROWN SUGAR COUPLE SHOT OF TABASCO 2 tea PAPRIKA 1 T Apricot jam or berry 1 Tsp Molasses 1 tea Cumin 1 dash Magi seasoning 1 tea garlic 1 tea onion...
  2. graywolf1936

    B-B-Q sauce.

    I know there are thousands of B-B-Q sauces out there, but I add a bit of vanilla to my homemade sauce. maybe someone who knows more then me would try it and see if it add to the sauce.
  3. graywolf1936

    Eggplant Parm on the grill

    It makes a good sandwich. just warmed up to room temp. Good to take to school or work, by time lunch rolls around its warm.
  4. graywolf1936

    Head Country BBQ Sauce Shop Rite

    From time to time I see sales like that on "off" brand sauce. I buy them and use as a base to make them to my liking. They do have preservatives in them so last longer in fridge.
  5. graywolf1936

    What food MUST you have at every meal?

    What Chris said. Stuffed BIG Portabella Mushrooms, with cheese or "fake cheese". I do Eggplant Parm that even the meat eaters want. Also zucchini cut like this.
  6. graywolf1936

    stuffed loin And stuffed peppers

    Did you brown the hamburger meat first?
  7. graywolf1936

    Cutting Board Care

    Any part of the board that is wood gets the oil, keeps it from drying out and cracking.
  8. graywolf1936

    Cutting Board Care

    Wash as indicated above. I put a good amount of mineral oil on it and let it stay overnight. The next morning I wipe the oil off and do the back side the sane way.
  9. graywolf1936

    Hello from NorCal

    Also East Bay, About 20 miles East of Sac. Another hot day.
  10. graywolf1936

    What I learned

    Keep trying, Been married 61 years, got my wife to try Hot Links just today.
  11. graywolf1936

    Boubt to make the Worlds best Jambalaya!

    Cajun Chris, I'm from Schenectady. Was in California when I retired from the Air Force and decided to stay here. Love the Finger Lakes area. My wife is from Georgia so I know a little bit about southern food.
  12. graywolf1936

    Brisket done too quick? Put this guy on at 7:30 A.M. , got to 170 at 1045. wrapped and got to 207 by

    You know what, it was my first attempt but it turned out great. I put it in a cooler then when my company came I served it. They all liked it along with my B B Q sauce. Thanks for asking.
  13. graywolf1936

    Hummus Recipe using Instant Pot

    Just made a 5lb. batch. I cheated and bought 5 cans of chickpeas, I also put one jar of roasted red peppers, +1 anchovy for each can of beans.
  14. graywolf1936

    side dish or main

    Food I have not eaten since jan 1 2018 Bacon Butter Candy (except 1 smal piece of dark chocolet every 2 or 3 days) Fat on meat Processed lunch meat Sugar Bread(other then whole wheat) Avacodos Sugar(other then already in food) Chicken skin Fried Chicken White Potatoes Cheese...
  15. graywolf1936

    side dish or main

  16. graywolf1936

    Brisket done too quick? Put this guy on at 7:30 A.M. , got to 170 at 1045. wrapped and got to 207 by

    Did the tooth pick(learn here). was good. I had the whole brisket, cut that much 5-6 lbs. It was a learning brisket for a family cook out next week. Thanks for the comments.
  17. graywolf1936

    Brisket done too quick? Put this guy on at 7:30 A.M. , got to 170 at 1045. wrapped and got to 207 by

    that was to be 207 by noon. wrapped in in cooler now. Traeger at 225 went up to 250.
  18. graywolf1936

    side dish or main

    Al, Its a big part of my weight loss program, loss 70 lbs. since Christmas 2017 ( not all Zucchini of course)
  19. graywolf1936

    side dish or main