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  1. spicy-meat

    SOLD Lang 48 Hybrid Deluxe Patio Smoker

    Had it just about a year. I barely used it. Just send a PM if you want more details.
  2. spicy-meat

    SOLD Lang 48 Hybrid Deluxe Patio Smoker

    Alburtis Pennsylvania
  3. spicy-meat

    SOLD Lang 48 Hybrid Deluxe Patio Smoker

    Great question, Al. It’s such a beautiful smoker and has everything one could need for a patio model so sometimes I think I’m crazy for selling. I just don’t use it like I thought I would with all the activities I’m involved in I don’t have the time. I would love for someone else to enjoy it.
  4. spicy-meat

    SOLD Lang 48 Hybrid Deluxe Patio Smoker

    Hi All, I am selling my Lang 48 Hybrid Deluxe Patio for $2,900. Below is what comes with it. Let me know what questions you have. Excellent Smoker with chargriller Custom Fire Grate Probe port in main chamber Firebricks on bottom of firebox 3 shelves in warmer Sausage hook upgrade in warmer...
  5. spicy-meat

    Cookshack model 020

    I'm selling my Cookshack 020. I bought it in 2011 and used it about 20 times with a majority of the time it was used for Jerky. The sides, front and back are black powder coated and the top is stainless. It's been garage kept and in good condition. About two years ago I had the updated...
  6. spicy-meat

    ISO Lang 36 or 48 patio smoker

    I'm looking for a Lang 48 Hybrid Deluxe Patio. As soon as I find one I will list my Lang 36 for sale. I bought mine in 2014 and it's been garage kept. I may be too far from you but an option to consider. If I find mine, you may be on my travel route and we can work something out.
  7. spicy-meat

    Looking for a Lang or Gator

    Hi - I'm looking for a backyard Lang 36/48 or a Gator Pit. Does anyone have one? I am willing to travel.
  8. spicy-meat

    How long does it take in an Excalibur to make jerky?

    atcnick, I have the same one you do.  I usually set mine at 145 and it takes around 7 hours.  I was reading back on my notes for the last several batches and the shortest was 6 hours and the longest was 8.  The 8 hour session was on the drier side. 
  9. spicy-meat

    Need Beef Jerky Recipe Advise

    Hi Eric It happens after the smoke. Most batches don't finish until late at night. After it cools I store in an airtight container until the next day. The jerky usually never goes beyond a week. Brian
  10. spicy-meat

    How long do I dehydrate beef sticks

    I made a batch of beef sticks today in my dehydrator.  I used my own spice recipe along with TQ to cure.  I have my dehydrator set at 155F.  How long do I dehydrate it for and what is considered a safe internal meat temp when dehydrating?  I had it in my dehydrator for about 4 hrs now and the...
  11. spicy-meat

    I want to smoke Venison Sticks but not sure how

     Bear, I have to swing by one of these days.  I was just at Cabellas yesterday and going to purchase the new smoker soon.  Anyway, thanks for the recipe.  I am going to give it a try.
  12. spicy-meat

    I want to smoke Venison Sticks but not sure how

    I have 25lbs of ground Venison and I want to make slim jim sized sticks to snack on.  The problem is, I never smoked or dehrdrated Venison before.  Does anyone have a good recipe and tips on the smoking/dehydrator process? 
  13. spicy-meat

    Sharing our deer/beef jerky recipe

    Thanks FFT.  I know I am many months behind on this thread.......I never used Liquid Crab boil.  What brand do you use?  What brand of soy do you use?  Have you ever tried smoking this recipe over dehydrating?  I am going to try it over the weekend.
  14. spicy-meat

    Need Beef Jerky Recipe Advise

    I just can't seem to nail down my recipe.  I have made so many alterations and the flavor profile is so close but not quite there.  I seem to have this slight pungent aftertaste.  Can anyone offer any advise as to what I am missing or doing wrong.  Here is my recipe for 3 lbs of Top Round...
  15. spicy-meat

    What should I buy - Bradley, Cookshack or something else?

    Thanks everyone for your feedback.  I will have to go to Cabelas to check out the MES. BearCarver, I live in Macungie as well.  You'll have to show me the power of your MES.
  16. spicy-meat

    What should I buy - Bradley, Cookshack or something else?

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a good electric smoker.  I think I narrowed it down to the Bradley and the cookshack.  I want to be able to use the smoker year round with no limitations in the colder climates.  I live on the east coast so it gets cold but rarely in the negatives.  I would love to...
  17. spicy-meat

    Pepper-Steak Jerky from Bottom Round in SV24: Q-view

    Thanks Eric.  I am going to make a batch in my smoker this weekend.  I forgot to your recipe you have *3/4 cup potable water.  Is the water per pound of sliced beef?  -Brian
  18. spicy-meat

    Pepper-Steak Jerky from Bottom Round in SV24: Q-view

    Once you took the meat out of the baggies did you rinse them off with water or place them right in the smoker?
  19. spicy-meat

    Little Chief Mods

    Hi Everyone, I just picked up a little chief electric smoker for smoking beef jerky.  I have always used a dehydrator so wanted to try something new.  I read a lot of threads regarding temp problems in colder climates.  What modifications has anyone done to their little chief?  Pics would be a...