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  1. edwardalt

    Meat from Costco?

    I typically buy my briskets at Costco. I recently purchased a Weston Pro-1100 Vacuum Sealer on Costco online that was shipped to my home. When I tried it out a little over a month later it would seal but it wouldn't vacuum. I opened a return/replace and they shipped out the replacement the...
  2. edwardalt

    Short Ribs low n slow (no foil)

    Thanks SmokinAl !
  3. edwardalt

    Short Ribs low n slow (no foil)

    It's kind of interesting, as the butcher at The Local Pig asked me about my preference for beef.  It's what I grew up with, and I can pretty much cook beef in my sleep (tried to last night).  I need to take lessons from the rest of you guys or my brother on pork though, as I haven't really...
  4. edwardalt

    Short Ribs low n slow (no foil)

    Thanks Cranky and b-one!  They were very juicy and mighty tasty!  I think short ribs are my favorite cut of beef. Ribeyes and briskets are my other favorite beef cuts! Short ribs have probably more beef flavor of any cut.  They're actually most similar to smoking brisket point, with a lot of...
  5. Short Ribs low n slow (no foil)

    Short Ribs low n slow (no foil)

  6. edwardalt

    Short Ribs low n slow (no foil)

    Seasoned with SPOG (Coarse sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, onion powder and granulated garlic).  Fired 8 coals and loaded my large basket with KBB and a big chunk of cherry.  Grill temp was stable around 210 and put ribs on last night around 7:30 pm Had issues with temp coming down to 160...
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  10. edwardalt

    Whole Beef Short Ribs - Heavy Bear/Q View

    Sorry for resurrecting an old thread.  Beef short ribs do have a lot of fat and connective tissue similar to brisket point.  I would expect you could make burnt ends out of short ribs.  I'm about ready to take some short ribs off the smoker ... 
  11. edwardalt

    First Time Beef Short Ribs

    Those look really good.  The first time I did short ribs they ended up on the UDS for about 13 hours.  Thought about foiling em, but did not.  They were pretty well rendered and yummy!
  12. edwardalt

    7 Bone Prime Rib

    I don't have quite as big a roast, but I'm cooking mine later today for tonight.  I'm following some of advice and cut off the bones and the fat cap so I can season it all and get bark on all sides. I've followed...
  13. edwardalt

    The Continuous Reverse Sear Thread!

    Dingo your prime rib sure looks good!!! Got a 26" Weber for my birthday and breaking it in the right way, with a 2" thick ribeye, hasselbacks, and corn. Cut in half and shared with my better half. Plated.  Next time I won't cook the corn quite so long.  It's nice having this much grill...
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  16. The Continuous Reverse Sear Thread!

    The Continuous Reverse Sear Thread!

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