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  1. kissing bandit

    Meat for Jerky

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  3. kissing bandit

    Meat for Jerky's most of it done. Still got 3 racks in the smoker!:)
  4. Meat for Jerky

    Meat for Jerky

  5. kissing bandit

    Meat for Jerky

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  7. kissing bandit

    Meat for Jerky

    Here's a load of duck I got for free...I had to process problem, brought them home ground them up shot the meat out my jerky's almost done...had sample already...very good! I use whatever meat I can get my hands on with no complaints from anyone who has tried it!:) plus I like...
  8. kissing bandit

    What meat is the best for jerky?

    Here's a load of duck getting ready to go in!:) I'm already sampling some.....pretty good.
  9. What meat is the best for jerky?

    What meat is the best for jerky?

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  11. kissing bandit

    What meat is the best for jerky?

    for a start-up....hit your local markets. street fairs any place where people gather and free samples! If the product is good it will sell its self!:) Now to answer the question about the best meat for jerky is.......the kind of meat you can get the most of such as chicken Crane Goose Ducks...
  12. kissing bandit

    tough old bird

    thanks for the reply.....i went out tonight and got 6 ducks...FREE!:) they are in the fridge resting right some jerky mix and plan on a big batch. my freind plans to trade me for some of her canning....pickels i think. im sorry no pics..ill do my best to up load some of the jerky...
  13. kissing bandit

    tough old bird

    so i went on line found some chickens close to where i live....5 bucks each! Thought what a great he let us process them there...code talk for butcher! haha Anyway got home that night with our chickens and OMG they were tough as i ground them up with my meat grinder and...
  14. kissing bandit

    Canadian Goose Breast on the Smoker Q-view

    Fantastic smoke ring....they look very yummie...I got a few geese mixed up with my crane...can't wait now to smoke them. They say goose has a similar taste to beef...any truth to that? Crane does...rib eye!:)
  15. kissing bandit

    Mushroom Swiss Buffalo Burger & Steak Fries

    Looks fantastic....good job!:)
  16. before and after

    before and after

  17. kissing bandit

    before and after

    The last pics are smoked Crane...bone in. I found when the breasts were boned out they were much better...still tastes good thou!:) And pics of my smoker pumping TBS....I've found that when the meat is cold I get a better smoke ring...I'll be testing that in the future. I have a few more...
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