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  1. bbq1950

    Today is the day

    Here's a shot of my new WSM 18.5, about ready to put the wings on. Wings ready to cook. Wings ready for the beer & honey barbeque sauce. Finished, finger licking good.
  2. Today is the day

    Today is the day

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  7. bbq1950

    Whole Chicken on The Mini

    I've had my lid stick as well. Used some citrus cleaner on the lip, which does the trick. Mine also sealed up after several smokes.
  8. bbq1950

    Today is the day

    Cured my new WSM yesterday. Made up Jeffs rub and sauce as well. Going to make up Pecan Smoked Chicken Wings this afternoon. Have had the wings seasoning over night and look awesome. Will be basting them with the beer and honey barbecue sauce. Hope to post some pictures later. Smoke On !
  9. bbq1950


    So far i've used the 3-2-1 method. Check out some other posts here and Jeff's method. I start by removing the membrane on the back side. I rub the ribs with prepared mustard and sprinkle on my rub. Let it set while you get your smoker up to the right temperature. Smoke the ribs for 3 hours. Next...
  10. bbq1950

    New Guy

    Welcome Ben You're going to find a wealth of information here. Use the search on just about any topic related to mokers, smoking etc. Check out Jeffs newsletter, and cousre. Lots of great tips there as well. Enjoy . . .
  11. bbq1950

    So I made a Mini WSM

    Nice looking mini WSM. Finished my build last fall using the Vasconia pot I got through Walmart.
  12. bbq1950

    Hello from Alexandria, VA

    Welcome as well. Bear55 is right, use the search for any topic you can think of. Also check out Jeffs news letter and five day course. Tons of great information here. Happy smoking.
  13. bbq1950

    Hello from Ontario, Canada

    Welcome to SMF. Glad to see someone from another cold tundra area. You might want to consider the Weber Smokey Mountain. The're very popular and pretty easy to use. Happy Smoking !
  14. bbq1950

    First Prime Rib

    Great looking prime rib,nice pictures as well. Great job !
  15. bbq1950

    Doing my first smoke tomorrow!

    Good luck, I agree post some pictures when you're done.
  16. bbq1950

    What type of wood

    Agree with most that either will do a great job. Personally I'd use apple.  
  17. bbq1950

    What woods have you tried and DON'T like

    Although I'm pretty new to smoking, so far I've used apple and cherry. Have some pecan that I plan on using next on some wings. Might have to investigate mesquite. Lot's of great comments.
  18. bbq1950

    Curing a new WSM

    Need some advice. Pretty new to smoking. Built a Mini WSM this past summer and did a burn in to cure it. My local Fleet Farm had a in store sale on WSM's so I picked one up, all assembled and ready to go. I've done some research here, U-Tube and Many just fire the smoker up and do a...
  19. bbq1950

    new to the smoker scene

    Welcome from Minnesota, bone chilling cold here. Don't know much about electric smokers. Just wanted to welcome you. You'll find a wealth of information here.
  20. bbq1950

    Just joined!!

    Welcome, you're gonna find a ton of great information, and tips. Enjoy smoke on!