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  1. weev

    Shotgun Shells

    So I made a trial batch last week and had the same crunchy noodle. So when I made the last batch for deer camp I added 1/2 cup of bbq sauce to the meat and then stuffed them and let them sit for almost 20 hrs in the fridge and the shells were way better then before I served them I just cut in half.
  2. weev

    New custom smoker

    This may sound dumb but do you have any leftovers? If you do they will taste totally different the next day. I have the same problem when smoking. Your body and taste buds have been bathed in smoke all day long and I just don't taste it. Sometimes even a shower will help. Hope this makes...
  3. weev

    Why are my pork ribs turning yellowy or greenish?

    Sometimes something as simple as different lighting can make a big difference in appearance
  4. weev

    a cooker to leave UNATTENDED???

    Rec-Tec with wifi I can watch and control from my phone
  5. weev

    Rec Tec Smoker - Would I be happy?

    I love mine. And you can also get a add on smoke box for low temp smoking
  6. weev

    Another deciding between the Rec Tec 590 and 700 grill

    I love the 700 Have used it almost every Sunday and a few mid week quick grills since I got it in December and haven't even put the insulated cover on it yet and I'm only on my 3rd bag a pellets I don't think that's terrible and I know we haven't had a really cold winter but I do live in...
  7. weev

    New Orleans style BBQ Shrimp

    Sounds amazing.
  8. weev

    Thai chili glazed CSRs on the Lang smoker

    Wow those look awesome
  9. weev

    Beef Baby Back Ribs on the RecTec w/Pics

    Looking good.
  10. weev

    Rec Tec 700 Bull

    It was a awesome deal for a great smoker. I love how easy it is to use. Thanks again
  11. weev

    Rec Tec 700 Bull

    I am Very Interested in buying the smoker I live in Michigan so it's not too terribly far any chance you're available Saturday
  12. weev

    Rec Tec 700 Bull

    Still available?
  13. weev


    I must have got a reject then because everything sticks to the one I bought.
  14. weev

    Planning on buying a Kamado next year: cart questions

    If you google it there will be all kinds of different ones with the company's that make them
  15. weev

    New Pit barrel cooker

    I would at a minimum go to Home Depot/menards or any lumberyard and get at a cement paver you can get them 24x24 cost under 10$
  16. weev

    Embers Charcoal Deal $6 40LBS

    mine says 14.98 so yours is better than mine
  17. weev

    BBQ restaurant, with no BBQ

    My wife's family is the same now I have to do all the cooking for family events its not so bad though at least I always know what Im getting
  18. weev

    BBQ restaurant, with no BBQ

    A Lot of BBQ places dont have outside smokers