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  1. ron forst

    Turkey Brined with pops brine.

    Im guessing Pops may chime in, a week might be overkill, Id say 4 maybe 5 days, depends if you inject it I suppose. If I remember he did say it depends on the size? a smallish, say 14 pounder may get cured through in 3 or 4 days.
  2. ron forst

    Dry cure question

    Dont sweat it, after a few days as moisture begins to be pulled out the cure will mix with the juice and by the time you are done will basically be bathing in the cure mixture. Good Luck!
  3. ron forst

    #30 Sausage Smoker from

    just me but Id never spend that kind of money on anything to smoke sausage
  4. ron forst

    Help with new Camp Chef smoke.

    Get yourself an Amazin smoke tube, once they start the will smoke for many many hours. When doing long cooks I always use mine
  5. ron forst

    Cheese on the Woodwind

    Waiting on delivery, do any of you guys cold smoke on the WW? would it even work? my thought was even the lowest temp would be too high.Thinking to just use the amazin smoker
  6. ron forst

    Pellet smoker VS Bradley smoker?

    Ive been in the same boat as you. I have a small gas smoker, really not good, so i did the mailbox mod to use the amazin smoker. Worked " ok" but small area and hard to hold temp. I have a 4x8 smokehouse for the big smokes, but wanted something to do small batches. Finally pulled the trigger on...
  7. ron forst

    Cold Smoking Fresh Sausage

    I always cold smoke my sausage that has cure in it, just make sure you cook boil it good and long, 20 minutes I usually use for rings.
  8. ron forst

    First Sausage smoke w/ pics "REDEMPTION"

    You will be just fine, sausage looks great by the way, I like your smoker
  9. ron forst

    First Sausage smoke w/ pics "REDEMPTION"

    the cure police will be along shortly to make sure you put the recommended cure in
  10. ron forst

    Bresaola di Cervo..

    I eat brie but cut all the "rhind" off
  11. ron forst

    Bresaola di Cervo..

    still would give me the willies eating something like that
  12. ron forst

    Bresaola di Cervo..

    so that white stuff I think is mold?
  13. ron forst

    Question about cure and taste

    Personally I put cure in all sausage I make, Including my Brats, and no I dont smoke my brats. I feel "shelf life" in the freezer is longer when cure is in the mix. Try out a small batch of Brats with cure in some time, I really like the color when grilled and they taste great.
  14. ron forst

    tough casings on smoked sausage

    Too much heat too long maybe?
  15. ron forst

    Cold smoking sausage

    I. I agree whole heartedly this is the way I've always made mine but it seems some don't like this
  16. ron forst

    First time making smoked sausage
  17. ron forst

    First time making smoked sausage

    That's fine I'll keep making it this way and if somebody wants to finish it in the smoker that's fine too. The original topic was about him not liking the final result bring dry and he asked if he could partially do it and then freeze. I just replied that if you have cure in it you are fine...
  18. ron forst

    First time making smoked sausage

    I first of all make sure to use the required amount of cure secondly I run my smokehouse at around 200 degrees with full smoke usually about 3 hours and go totally by color and firmness Sausage is then pulled refrigerated and then within a day frozen. So no I don't check internal temp The...
  19. ron forst

    First time making smoked sausage

    If you read Rytek Kutas book you will find example after example of what I'm talking about
  20. ron forst

    First time making smoked sausage

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with smoking sausage that has cure in it for a few hours and then freezing it I have make 100's of pounds of sausage this wY and have yet to have anyone get sick. If you do a little research and stop at meat markets or grocery stores and check the meat cases...