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  1. slow smoker

    Chimney Starters?

    I try to always start wood/charcoal with a chimney starter but the plastic-handled ones I’ve recently been using are awful. The plastic handle gets so hot it melts. I have to use a glove to pick it up. I thought the handle would protect me from the heat but it doesn’t work because the handle is...
  2. slow smoker

    Best BBQ joints around the US???

    Fooling around on the forum, been away because high workload holidays, blah, blah, blah. Have to add my favorite. Don't get any layovers there any more but, Central Texas BBQ, just outside the Houston Hobby  airport has the best brisket I've ever eaten. To be honest, before eating there, I don't...
  3. slow smoker

    Heat Experimentation Query

    Sounds incredible! Looking forward to whenever I have the time to try your recipe and some smoking of my own.
  4. slow smoker

    Heat Experimentation Query

    Bmaddox it's pretty funny when your mouth goes numb!  How long did you smoke your peppers and what wood did you use?​
  5. slow smoker

    Heat Experimentation Query

    Thanks OS. I might try a little ghost pepper. I'm interested in some zing but I'm not looking for a heat eating contest. The cayenne powder really helps but I have found that on a long smoke the flavor is not so strong it overpowers everything else. I'm also thinking about trying to dehydrate...
  6. slow smoker

    Heat Experimentation Query

    Have any of you fooled around with jalapenos, scotch bonnets or the dreaded Carolina Reaper or any of the really hot peppers? I have had pretty good success with powdered cayenne. I can vary the quantity to produce a pretty good finish and then add more on my plate to suit my taste. Thinking...
  7. slow smoker

    Heat Experimentation Query

    Just curious, I like spicy stuff... to a point. I don't like stuff so spicy that that is all you taste. Does anybody fool around with spiking up their smokes? Doesn't matter to me which meat you're talking about. If you can kill it, I'll smoke and eat it. I'm wondering if the heat is better...
  8. slow smoker

    SC Members

    Hey Joe, I had overlooked the SC site while I was drooling over some of the posts from all over. I agree. I'll work on my 2. BTW, smoking a brisket tomorrow.  -Joe
  9. slow smoker

    Location Roll Call

    Hi y'all. Joe here from Greer. 
  10. slow smoker

    A Little NY - Texas Combo

    Not sure what you mean, but I think you'd like to see one cut open and fork ready. Actually, I saved one that's below and in the back of the pile for me that would have made a great money shot. Medium Rare hot pink center excellent smoke penetration. The rest were cooked per my wife's taste...
  11. slow smoker

    Starting somewhere

    Welcome Smokey Princess. On your way to building a great restaurant you can learn and enjoy plenty for yourself from the forum. -Joe
  12. slow smoker

    Another from Texas

    Welcome Daryl, Like One Eyed Jack said, it would be fun to see how it's done on a big rig. 
  13. A Little NY - Texas Combo

    A Little NY - Texas Combo

  14. slow smoker

    A Little NY - Texas Combo

    Had to take about a week away from the forum for some recurrent training so I was glad to get home and back to grilling and smoking. Bought 5.3 pounds of NY Strips from Costco on Saturday and had been planning to grill today when I discovered there was only small amount of charcoal left. With...
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