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  1. blackbeard1

    Am I missing something

    If you have Amazon prime, you can get some pellets there. I had to in order to capitalize on having them prior to the holidays along with my AMNPS. While I agree with everything that has been said above me, I would also like to add my recent experience. On the 20th or 21st I ordered an AMNPS...
  2. blackbeard1

    About to smoke my first pork butt

    Ztek, how'd the pork turn out? I'm doing my first smoke in the next few days. 6.6lb bone-in Boston. Just got done rubbing it actually. What kind of ball park time should I expect?
  3. blackbeard1

    Help! Ready to buy MESS, but can't make heads or tails!

    Well, after checking around locally, I couldn't find many places that had stuff so I went ahead and purchase what I believe is a 40" Gen 2 hybrid. It has the sloped tray to water pan opening with small square water pan, but the exhaust vent is on the top left rear corner. Probably bought the...
  4. blackbeard1

    Charcuterie board

    I'm jealous! Some fine work right there. Did you make everything? Could you do a run down of what everything is? -BlackBeard
  5. blackbeard1

    Help! Ready to buy MESS, but can't make heads or tails!

    Alrighty Bear. I've been through your posts again, even though I read them previously but I'm honestly struggling. The ones I keep seeing pictures of on some websites look like a Gen 2 but have the exhaust vent on the top in the left rear corner. Is this what you're referring to as the hybrids...
  6. blackbeard1


    Been using a local spice house for a few years now and would highly recommend. Always fresh and consistent product. Stuart's Spices Sign up for the newsletter and they'll give you a 10% off coupon code. Free shipping after $65 I think if you plan on stocking up. They...
  7. blackbeard1

    Help! Ready to buy MESS, but can't make heads or tails!

    What did you wind up buying for the wireless dual probe? I was thinking a maverick unit might be good but Amazon reviews were mixed. Also, link to the one I saw the other day. What's everyone's thoughts...
  8. blackbeard1

    Help! Ready to buy MESS, but can't make heads or tails!

    Hey there all. Had surgery to repair a hernia yesterday so I'm gonna be laid up with weight restrictions for a bit. Needless to say it's gonna be some time I can use to work on more meat products. I've narrowed things down to an MES 40" to what I think works for my budget as well as...
  9. blackbeard1

    Meat Fan from Western New York

    Hey there ladies and gents! Was recommended to the site yesterday by a new acquaintance that works for the same company as myself who happened to be a quite experienced sausage maker! Only the smallest of experience with sausage making this past fall, but I've already bought some charcuterie...