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  1. harleyhuskerman

    smoked carp, anyone?

    We grew up eating what ever fish we were able to catch.......... and this included carp.  I used to spear them in the spring in the flood waters in Nebraska and got some pretty big ones.  We fried them and ate them but the bones were the worst part.  Carp have a lot of bones that are hard to...
  2. harleyhuskerman

    What is it and How does this smoker go together?

    Thank you all so much! That's great advice.  Now I at least know how this thing goes together.  I'll do the eCourse as soon as I can as well.
  3. harleyhuskerman

    What is it and How does this smoker go together?

    Hi,  I came across an old smoker for $20 Bucks but am not sure how it works or goes together.  I have never smoked before so was hoping to fix this one up and give it a try.  If anyone can tell me what it is or how it works that would be great! I will enclose some photos here and hope that...
  4. harleyhuskerman

    Hello from HarleyHuskerMan (Mark) from Colorado

    Greetings, Here is some info. on me as requested....... I was raised in Northeastern Nebraska and am a big Cornhusker Football Fan.  (That's pretty much required if you're born in Nebraska!)  I graduated high school in 1980 and moved to Colorado in 1987 after graduating from the University of...
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