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  1. cstott

    Baby's First Smoker

    haha, will do.
  2. cstott

    Another newbi joins the ranks

    hey, welcome to SMF. I'm a newbie here too and I have learned a lot in just a few days. It is pretty exciting.
  3. cstott

    Refinishing the Lang

    wow, looks like a big project. I'm interested to see it when you done and see a side by side before and after shot.
  4. cstott

    Baby's First Smoker

    on more thing, I want to thank everybody that put up pics before me to give me an idea of what to do. and thanks to blackhawk for letting me know exactly what he did so i can steal his idea and make it my own.
  5. cstott

    Baby's First Smoker

    Two days ago I bought an ECB Gourmet. (the same model that blackhawk bought) I finally had some time off school and a little bit of down time so I made my mods today. I have some pics that I want to share wit you guys real quick. Okay, first I decided to add a second thermometer, one that...
  6. cstott

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    i feel for you (about dealing with eagles fans). I was like 13 years old when my dad and uncle took me to veteran's stadium to see the dallas cowboys. My dad loves the cowboys so I grew up a cowboys fan. anyways the fans were terrible. Michael Irvin made his last play ever that day and as he...
  7. cstott

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    wow, this was a good thread was a good idea. Mine is pretty boring too. My name is Carl Stottlemyer and I often abbreviate it as C. Stott, hence the login name: cstott. think Jennifer Lopez and J. Lo, but not as hott.
  8. cstott

    A True Newbie

    sounds good Allen. I bought my smoker today and want to make a vent at the top and play around with it and see if i need one down by the coals. After i make adjustments and season my smoker i will put up pics too for us to compare.
  9. cstott

    Home Made Smoker

    so how did it work? any problems with it?
  10. cstott

    Educational links

    great link. thanks.
  11. cstott

    Smokin on in

    welcome to SMF
  12. cstott

    Relative newbie with a question on an ECB

    cool, thanks guys.
  13. cstott


    hey, I just signed up last night and I already gotten a lot of good tips and insight from others responding to my questions and reading other's. I made a good choice signing up and so did you.
  14. cstott

    Finished Mods

    hey blackhawk, how did you go about curing it? is that required with all ECB? or did you do it because you made mods?
  15. cstott

    Relative newbie with a question on an ECB

    okay, this is my first of many questions to come. this maybe stupid. if you make the mods to you ECB, then will you need to cure it? and what is the process of curing one's smoker. is that where you need to cover the entire inside with veggie oil and bring the temp really high? (i'm getting...
  16. cstott

    A True Newbie

    perfect, thanks man.
  17. cstott

    Newbie From Ohio

    hey man, i just signed up a few minutes ago and wanted to drop a line and say hi.
  18. cstott

    Hi everyone

    i'm a newbie here too and just wanted to drop in and say hi.
  19. cstott

    A True Newbie

    Hi I'm Carl. I'm a 22 year old student at the University of Maryland. I grew up helping my father burn the hell out of steaks and burgers at our town house in Western Maryland. We never slow cooked anything, or parents weren't as interested in food as I am and they never had the time. We would...