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  1. ginsco

    Two Smoked Turkey Breasts

    I am doing the same as you ,but I have a Masterbuilt 30. I don't go by time per pound but instead go by internal temp. I will treat each breast individually since they will probably cook at different rates anyway. Im just going for an internal temp of 160 and calling it good. I'm still kind of...
  2. ginsco

    Tomorrow will be my first smoke !

    Thanks for the advice guys. I did the dry run last night as bmaddox suggested and learned a bit about my temps. I found that the built in temp was reading about 16 degrees lower than my maveric. I went with Pecan as Tropics suggested and the chickens are in now. I will report back tomorrow with...
  3. ginsco

    Tomorrow will be my first smoke !

    Howdy all, After spending hours reading on this site, I bought a MES 30 and took advantage of Todd's 20 percent off deal.I bought the amazing pellet smoker and a bunch of different flavored pellets. Tomorrow I'm going to do 2 beer can chickens for my neihbors birthday party. I'm making the...
  4. ginsco


    Thank's for the great pricing ! Just ordered the pellet smoker, a few different pellet flavors and maverick thermometer ! Now if only I can find a MES 30 in stock locally I'd be set.  
  5. ginsco

    Hello from SW Ohio

    Thank you for the welcomes, Soda D I found the thread you mentioned . Thanks
  6. ginsco

    Hello from SW Ohio

    Howdy all, I am getting ready to buy my first smoker so I am really glad I found this forum. I wasn't completely sure what smoker to buy. I was leaning towards a propane smoker, I almost bought the Smoke Hollow Pro at Sam's club this past weekend but backed out wanting to do more research...