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  1. smokeyroad

    please don't call PETA or the SPCA on me.

    I ate some pot belly pig once, it was great. Go for it... Just don't get the neighborhood kids loving on it so you don't have to explain once it's not around anymore.
  2. smokeyroad

    Chicken in a basket

    Looks good! Where did you get the basket?
  3. smokeyroad

    Got me a new stuffer

    my paw-in-law has one of those and he absolutely loves his. That thing will make quick work of a pile of sausage. Hope you enjoy your new toy!
  4. smokeyroad

    best beer for BBQ

    Whatever I have on tap that day will do the trick.
  5. smokeyroad

    anybody got a home remedie for ear infection??

    Go to the doctor when possible. I used to have truly terrible ear infections as a kid due to sinus problems. In my teen years I had one so bad that the doc had to actually suck the "infection bi-product" out of my ear with a special pump in addition to high doses of antibiotics...
  6. smokeyroad

    GOSM Parts

    Yeah, that's the same place. According to the message they file Chapter 11 on the 9th and closed up shop yesterday.
  7. smokeyroad

    GOSM Parts

    Anyone out there know of another place to get parts for your GOSM? CFM, the original manufacurer of the GOSM (I think) has gone under. Call 1-800-668-5323 and you'll hear how they've filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and how the call center is no longer operational. Thanks!
  8. smokeyroad

    War Eagle and Hello from Mississippi.

    Hey Blackhawk....Poor Auburn is all outta fingers...they gotta go to the other hand to count the number of beatings they've put on UA in a row . Just funnin' ya. Welcome aboard auheld11.
  9. smokeyroad

    Going to try some homebrewing

    OK, where to begin... -IMHO, I like the San Pedro Nut brown ale recipe better. The grain bill sounds like it will leave you with a better end product. (personal opinion) -Nottinghames yeast is a good product. You don't have to make a starter as this stuff is direct pitchable. However, you...
  10. smokeyroad

    Smoking meat, apartments, and laws

    Greenhead, I lived in an apartment in Alpharetta a couple of years back. The law at the time was no grilling on decks but wasn't really enforced. I grilled out occasionally and no one ever said a word to me....but that didn't make it legal. As for an electric smoker, I bet you can do it...
  11. smokeyroad

    Jumped protocol

    hehe....that must look as cool as my "Yes you Can" T-shirt.
  12. smokeyroad

    Jumped protocol

    That's funny, my wife was joking about picking me up a cape with DIY on it just the other day.
  13. smokeyroad

    Utensil Porn

    Doesn't matter to me. If it's cool, throw it out there. It guess it all boils down to this. Most people like pics, a lot of people like gadgets....what better than a pic of gadgets. Have at it. Really, I just want to see what homemade hammered rebar utensils look like, gotta be neat.
  14. smokeyroad

    Utensil Porn

    So I was reading the Welcome to New members post by Gunslinger when I saw his equipment list which states "All cooking utensils are homebuilt and hand hammered from re-bar". That got me to thinking....a lot of you all have gone through GREAT lengths to completly customize every aspect of your...
  15. smokeyroad

    Jumped protocol

    Hey everyone, my name is smokeyroad...and I am a Q-aholic. Sorry I missed the intro thread and went straight to sapping people for honest noob mistake. Anyhoo, I have Brinkmann Smoke King Deluxe that I got free last year from a friend. I was having trouble getting to proper cooking...
  16. smokeyroad

    Propane Smoker Modifications

    cajunsmoker, your pictorial is great! It is exactely what I was looking for...actually more than I was looking for. Dang it, back to the drawing board ...again. Now my conversion is getting more complicated, thanks. Seriosly though, thanks for the slide show and info. That is going to help...
  17. smokeyroad

    Brinkman Smoke King Deluxe

    I feel like I should change my name to "grasshoppa". Thanks for the info. I am doing the e-course now, so maybe I'll stop coming up with these questions. Is the foiled pan covered in the e-course? Guess I'll find out w/in the next 4 days huh . If not, how thick of a layer of foil do you use...
  18. smokeyroad

    Brinkman Smoke King Deluxe

    Your meat doesn't dry out with no water in the pan? I am also in the process of figuring out if I want to add a gas line to ensure temperature stabilization. Just seems like a relatively easy fix.
  19. smokeyroad

    Brinkman Smoke King Deluxe

    I'm glad I saw this. I got a Smoke King last year...FOR FREE from a friend and had some great success with it. However, it cost a lot to feed that beast, and I still had to finish some cuts in the oven. Basically it looks like you added a "hood" to deflect the heat more under the water pan...