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  1. reichl

    Roast Beef/slicer questions

    I usually let it sit in the fridge overnight because it is easier to slice and will slice thinner if the meat is cold because it toughens up a little.  I use bottom round just because it is a cheap peice of meat but I'm sure it would taste even better made from a sirloin roast. Smoked chicago...
  2. reichl

    Smoke ring in BBQ meats

    Iowa State University FTW!  I get meat from that meat lab.  Good meat and good prices
  3. reichl

    Tom From Wisconsin

    Hey Tom, My hometown is Franklin, Wisconsin just to the north of you.  I used to ride my dirt bike in Kenosha all the time.  Good to see someone from the S. Millwaukee area on the boards!  Welcome! -Nick
  4. reichl

    MES 20070910 briquet in chip tray

    yeah, you can put a briquette in the chip tray.  It will leave a smoke ring on the meat but it won't really change the flavor.  My MES smoked fine so it didn't really change how much smoke came from the chips.  I used to start with 3 briquettes in the chip tray then add one every 1.5 hours to...
  5. reichl

    Rub Recipe for Salmon

    salt pepper garlic powder lemon zest dill Then just squeeze lemon juice on the cooked salmon.
  6. reichl

    costco rotisserie chickens

    Just what I was thinking  
  7. reichl

    Weekend Prime Rib Dinner

    Prime Rib and Lamb?  Want to become friends?  Nebraska isn't that far away from Ames, I will make the drive.  That looks great!
  8. reichl

    Leg Of Lamb Smoked & Q-view

    I love lamb and that looks FANTASTIC!
  9. reichl

    the best rub

    I switch off between famous dave's rib rub and this rub for ribs 1/2 cup dark brown sugar 1/4 cup paprika 2 tablespoons garlic salt 2 tablespoons onion salt 2 tablespoons chili powder 1 teaspoon or less cayenne pepper 1 tablespoon black pepper 1 1/2 teaspoons dried oregano 1 1/2 teaspoons white...
  10. reichl

    Charcoal Newbie with Small WSM Fire Problem

    The water in the waterpan is acting as a heat sink.  When doing poultry at high temps I find it is best to not put water in the waterpan.  Without water the skin will crisp up better and it wont be such a fight to keep high temps.  As for your comment about the wind, more air getting to the...
  11. reichl

    Smoked salmon -- a lesson learned, plus Qview.

    That looks great!  How do you reheat the salmon once you pull it out of the freezer?
  12. reichl

    First 13lb Turkey on 22.5" WSM

    If you use water in the water pan your turkey's skin won't crisp up as well if you use the water pan empty.  Plus, you will have plenty of moisture in the bird from the brine.  I have found that the moisture from the water doesn't penetrate the skin of poultry anyways.  Good Luck!
  13. reichl

    First 13lb Turkey on 22.5" WSM

    When I do turkey in my WSM, I don't use water in the water pan.  Start by putting a full chimney of unlit charcoal in the charcoal ring and light a full chimney of charcoal for minion method.  When you put the WSM back together, keep all of the vents open and you should have a lid temp of...
  14. reichl

    What should I smoke first?

    I would say start off with some ribs!  Buckboard bacon is a boston butt that has been cured then smoked.  There are recipes and step by step instructions to making buckboard bacon if you search.  Good luck with your smoker!
  15. reichl

    Chipotle Jerky with Qview!

    what is your method for smoking jerkey with the wsm?  I have smoked jerkey with my MES with great success but have been nervous to try it over charcoal.  It looks real good so far!
  16. reichl

    Smoked turkey legs

    Hmmm... in my experience If I brine longer then overnight, the meat starts to get mushy.  But hey, it looks great and as long as it tastes great bravo!
  17. reichl

    Why do I want an electric smoker?? tell me your stories.....on the fence

    It's a matter of preference.  When I first started smoking I had a MES and now I own a 18.5" WSM.  I think the MES worked better then the WSM for salmon and is great for smoking jerkey because you can control the temp very easily and add the exact amount of smoke you want.  I do however think...
  18. reichl

    Broke down and Just ordered a new WSM 18.5

    You will be extremely happy with your new purchase.  I'm sure your GOSM will go real quickly on craigslist.  When I got my WSM, my MES was sold and picked up on craigslist within 12 hours.  Your going to love your new smoker!