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  1. grinder

    Insulating smokers

    I jacketed my masterbuilt xl with 1" foil backed foam board insulation . It was too much insulation and at 225 couldn't get the wood to smoke because the flame was so low.
  2. grinder

    Mesquite Charcoal Question from a Newbie

    It couldn't be any worse than the cowboy lump. I tried a bag of that once. I found quite a few foreign objects, including a fist sized piece of what looked like asphalt. Talk about a tarry flavor.
  3. grinder

    Grill tool recommendations

    Looking for recommendations for heavy duty, long handle grill tongs and a spatula. I'd like something around 24", for when I'm doing high temp searing and that won't bend when picking up a rack of ribs. Thanks, Grinder
  4. grinder

    HELP! Smoking Meat and Ran out of propane!

    Guess that I didn't read your original post very thoroughly. I thought you put the meat on at 10 pm. and missed that you had foiled at 10 pm. Sorry for the confusion.  
  5. grinder

    HELP! Smoking Meat and Ran out of propane!

    I wouldn't risk getting myself and others sick. The meat has probably been between 40-140 for more than 4 hrs. When in doubt, throw it out.
  6. grinder

    Does lump charcoal create creosote or bitter smoke at low temps in Big Green Egg??

    I do alot of low and slows and have never had any issues with a bitter or sooty flavor from burning lump. If you're seriously considering buying a BGE, check out Primo oval ceramic grills. Oval shape allows indirect cooking,lots of great accessories and American made.
  7. grinder

    Smoking jerky in my MES

    I'm guessing you're using an offset? Maybe try flipping it around half way through the cook.
  8. grinder

    BBQ guru nanoQ

    I think that the partyQ is the only controller that comes with a fan.  
  9. grinder

    Kamado Style Smoker Suggestions?

    I would highly recommend looking into a Primo Oval XL. You might get lucky and find one on CL or in a swap sheet, that would fit your price range. They have lots of great accessories and are very versatile. You can cook low and slow, bake and grill, temps from 180-800+ degs. The oval shape...
  10. grinder

    Thinking abot a Mexican Q sauce

    When I think of Mexican flavors, I think garlic, cilantro, lime, cumin and chipolte.  
  11. grinder

    Too cold ?

    Thanks Jimmy.I should have thought of mentioning that.
  12. grinder

    Maintaining 225 temperature for 7, 8 , 9 hours at a time - how do you do this?

    I have done low and slows, near 24 hrs. on my Primo XL Oval. Here's my run down. Make sure cooker is fully cleaned out. I use a shop vac to  make sure all ash is cleaned of the fire box and all vents are unobstructed. Load fire box with a good quality lump charcoal, don't use briquets, they...
  13. grinder

    wet vs. kiln dried wood

    I used some hickory chunks that weren't fully seasoned. Ended up with CSRs with a harsh, sooty flavor.
  14. grinder

    Water pans, do you use them and why?

    I agree with this, completely. I started out using the water pan, as per the instructions. Tried adding different juices and ingredients, to infuse the meat with flavor. Several years ago I read about the sand theory, on this site and decided to give it a try. I didn't notice any difference in...
  15. grinder

    Too cold ?

    Wind is usually more of an issue for smokers than the cold. Cold and windy can be a real issue, for some smokers. You can set up plywood barriers, if wind is an issue. You can also cover your smoker with a blanky or a water heater jacket, to farther help. You didn't mention what kind of smoker...
  16. grinder

    wet vs. kiln dried wood

    As far as dried fire wood goes, it's going to be air dried. Lumber scraps can be either air or kiln dried. I use scraps of maple, oak, cherry and Apple from my wood shop. Don't notice any difference between air dried and kiln dried. As far as wet wood goes, it's generally considered a no-no...
  17. grinder

    Reverse Sear advice and Mental Help

    I use a Maverick or Guru meat probe, to keep a close tab on the temp. Depending on the steak thickness, I'll pull them off indirect at 110-120 for medium rare. 110 for 1" thick, 120 for 2" thick.
  18. grinder

    Best Timing For a Brisket & Best Cooking methods

    You can also smoke the brisket to 150, foil it up, transport it home and finish in your oven.  
  19. grinder

    Using bricks/pavers AND water in water pan

    I originally used the water pan with h20, then switched to sand with foil on top, to catch the grease. I didn't notice any difference in the moisture of the meat or the crunchiness of the bark. The advantage is that you don't have to add water and clean up is easier.