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  1. chiefusn

    New UDS build

    I wrap an old ECB cooking grate with foil and use that as a diffuser. Easy clean-up afterwards. Chad
  2. chiefusn

    A question on fitting of Weber lids.

    I used the outer edge of the flat lid. Welded it to the Weber lid, cut out the center, and put a rope gasket in it. Has worked like a champ for 2 seasons now. Here is my hinge setup as well.
  3. chiefusn

    New UDS build

    Welcome and glad we got the lid thing figured out. As far as the cooking grates are concerned, I used adjustable shelf supports and brackets in mine and they work awesome. Here is a link to the video on my YT channel. I first talk about the brackets at the 10:25ish mark. Good luck with the...
  4. chiefusn

    This the right grate?

    If you are building a 55G UDS, yes this will work. If you are building a 30G you need the 18.5" grate. Chad
  5. chiefusn

    My First UDS Build! (with Photos)

    Nice looking build. One thing I've learned is that your smoker is just that, your smoker. You'll get a bunch of great ideas and tips to cook stuff on YOUR smoker, but most of the time, you'll need to make adjustments to suit your tastes and your smoker. Keep a log as you cook stuff then that...
  6. chiefusn

    Hookedonq's UDS Build(pic heavy)

    Nice looking drum. I like the adjustable shelf idea and the hinges look great. Chad
  7. chiefusn

    Buy a kit or piece it together?

    You'll probably save money piecing it out. It might take a bit longer to get it up and smoking, but you'll have a better since of pride I think. Especially if you have the tools and mechanical abilities to build it yourself Chad
  8. chiefusn

    30 Gallon Build Questions

    I have a 30G still waiting to get built for the same reason. I have all the parts for it and like you said, it feels heavier than my 55. My 55 has three 3/4" intakes, one on a riser w/ball valve and I have no issues getting it up to temp (usually 250° or so) and keeping it there with 1 nipple...
  9. chiefusn

    Weber lid

    Thanks. I enjoyed making them. Haven't had any time to do anymore though since we bought our first house. Ahhh...the joys of home ownership. I actually love it though. I've used the UDS a bunch though and haven't even looked at another smoker. Chad
  10. chiefusn

    Weber lid

    Here's what I did with my Weber lid. Works great and I have had no issues with it. Later in the series I added a hinge to it. Hope this helps. Chad
  11. chiefusn

    fire basket shaker ?

    No need for a shaker as long as you have some type of legs on the basket. The ash will still fall through the coals. The longest I have gone so far with my 12" deep 14" dia basket is 17 hrs and had no issues with it choking itself out. Chad
  12. chiefusn

    Smoked Walleye

    So I ended up smoking one of the other filets which wasn't put in brine. Same prep with butter and honey. It took 2 hours to smoke to an IT of 142° and turned out better than the 2 that were put in brine. Less salty taste which allowed the smoke and natural fish flavor to come out. Just as juicy...
  13. Smoked Walleye

    Smoked Walleye

  14. chiefusn

    Smoked Walleye

    I usually don't post much on here since most of the recipes I try, I get from other members here reading the forums. However, I couldn't find a good smoked walleye recipe so I decided to give it a try with nothing more than a brine recipe. Most of the forums I read all stated that walleye is a...
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  17. chiefusn

    First build, need design and technical help

    Scott, Welcome to the forums. The tank should work just fine and actually probably hold heat a lot better than a regular drum since the tank is made out of thicker metal. The biggest things, in my opinion, that will make or break a drum smoker is airflow and air leaks. You have to have a good...
  18. chiefusn

    Drums and Instructions

    Right now the hard part is locating a drum. Doing a search on Craigslist is about the best route you can go. Try and find food grade, unlined drums as they require less work to get them ready and food safe. However, any drum will work. Some folks will say to only use food safe drums some will...
  19. chiefusn

    Weber Kettle Lid

    To be honest, I can't remember for sure but I want to say it is either 1/2" or 5/8". 3/4" would probably work just as well. You might need to stretch it out a bit to get a good fit in the drum lid channel. Chad
  20. chiefusn

    Weber Kettle Lid

    It's holding up great. No issues and still no smoke seeping through when the lid is closed. Chad