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    Smoking question

    I am using the Pro Q smoking dust for my cold smoking. When I open the packet do I need to reseal the packet or does it not matter, thanks ?
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    Newbie smoking brisket question

    So still quite new to this, I have smoked 3 or 4 briskets now, I use a maple and hickory rub leave in the fridge overnight and then smoke in my Weber kettle using the snake method heat about 130C smoke till inner temp about 73C then wrap in foil till 95C. About 10 hours. It comes out well and...
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    How do you smoke cheese ?

    That's interesting, I have seen some people smoking using an old metal filing drawer cabinet from an office that has been modified. I am just using my weber kettle BBQ at present with the pro Q smoker seems to work quite well.
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    How do you smoke cheese ?

    I have recently been smoking for about 6 hours to give a stronger smoke. I was looking on a site recently who were selling smoked cheeses saying that they were smoked for 24 hours.
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    How do you smoke cheese ?

    Hi all, quite new to smoking cheese, started with mild cheese in apple but found it rather mild. So did some experimenting and found I preferred smoking mature cheddar in whiskey oak or cherry that gives a stronger smoke and leave in the fridge for 2 weeks any recommendations for a stronger...
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    Vac Sealing Cheese

    Hi quite new to smoking cheese and have ben doing some experimenting and recently purchased a Vacuum sealer to seal the cheese in. So is there an optimum time to seal the cheese after smoking and how long can you keep the cheese once vacuumed sealed in the fridge for. Thanks.
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    Newbie Introduction

    Hi all, just signed up to the site been BBQuing for a while but just started getting into the smoking world so looking for advice and looking forward to reading the posts.