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  1. J

    Oklahoma Joe Bronco sale

    i love my Bronco ! had it almost a year . it's almost set it and forget it , great for smoking over night . makes great food but being honest .... using my offset does make slightly better food but the offset has to be babysat the whole time . i'd absolutely get the bronco again .
  2. J

    Pet owners worst responsibility

    it is a terrible responsibility but one we have to endure . i know folks that drop their fur babies off and go back to get them or their ashes because they can't watch . i find it much more painful to know their last moments will be with strangers afraid because mom/dad isn't there and they know...
  3. J

    plans to pimp my22 inch weber kettle premium . your thoughts ?

    thanks again folks . i'll drill a 1/16 for a guide for my hole saw bit for the temp probe , it shouldn't walk then . i'll use progressively larger bits for the lid bail holes and i'm gonna drill the guide from the inside so if the guide walks it won't scar/scratch the outside .i'll use light...
  4. J

    Anyone has interest to review BBQ Temperature Controller for free on Amazon?

    i'd like to try it also . i have a kettle , a offset and a bronco drum smoker to try it with .
  5. J

    anybody else spatchcock their bird from the breast ?

    i love picking the back bone and neck and my favorite piece is the tail . my grandma called it the last piece to go through the fence hehehe . so i'm not a fan of cutting out the back . so here's what i do and i loose very little meat . does anybody else do this ?
  6. J

    Malory Firewall ???

    that's become more and more common over the past 3 years but's it's not as bad as it was 2 years ago . it is what it is .........
  7. J

    First rotisserie run on the kettle

    you do some good looking cooking dude !
  8. J

    Malory Firewall ???

    i hadn't considered the weight being a possible issue . i agree their grate looks nice also and the wider and removable sides look like a plus also . at 22 and 27 lbs they would add almost 50 lbs of weight . i don't think id pay what they're asking but they look very nice . maybe they'll have a...
  9. J

    Malory Firewall ???

    this thing looks like it will last forever and it looks solid as all get out ! ".... Charcoal divider for kettle grills...
  10. J

    She ain't pretty, but she's my supper.

    looks great !
  11. J

    First rotisserie run on the kettle.

    looks absolutely delicious !
  12. J

    $ 10 Lutani Vortex impressions

    If this lutani fails sooner rather than later I'll invest in the medium real vortex from the sponsor here .
  13. J

    $ 10 Lutani Vortex impressions

    got it from amazon about 2 weeks ago and used it the first time yesterday . keep in mind i've never used any type of vortex and it was only my second cook on the weber 22 kettle so it's not like i REALLY know what i'm talking about ...... . i did looked at a few dozen youtube videos and...
  14. J

    first time chicken legs with a vortex

    thanks folks . the baked potatoes turned out great with the vortex also . i was surprised there were still coals glowing in the $10 vortex @ 11 when we went to bed . the weber showed it was still a little over 100 but it was about 40 outside . i guess they all do that ..... but i didn't expect...
  15. J

    first time chicken legs with a vortex

    seasoned them up about 8am fired up the weber about 4pm and put the taters on . put the legs on about 4:45 pulled the taters off about 5:45 pulled the legs about 6pm . just got done eating . the better half and our aunt liked them and said i could make them again :)
  16. J

    You might want to buy a cow

    we have about 120 head of cattle on the family farm and plenty of critters to shoot up here ..... we won't be going hungry .
  17. J

    A poorly written review of the Oklahoma Joe Bronco

    got a bronco about 1 1/2 years ago and i'm very happy with it . got a extra lower grate and did four 10+ lb pork shoulders last summer for a family reunion and got lots of compliments and folks asking me do do it again . however .... i didn't factor in needing more cook time for so much meat so...
  18. J

    plans to pimp my22 inch weber kettle premium . your thoughts ?

    thanks folks . i used to build decks and fences so i'm decent at building with wood and i do build a lot of stuff with pallets so i'l probably just build a table to set next to it .i still gotta drill holes for the bail though .....
  19. J

    First run on a new 22" kettle - Drum sticks

    would 1 1/2or 2 thin fire bricks end to end have a similar effect as the baskets or the slow n sear ? the charcoal would rest on the curve of the bowl with the bricks holding the charcoal in place . just curious .......
  20. J

    First run on a new 22" kettle - Drum sticks

    looks like the only fires are no taller than a SnS and in videos i've seen most folks fill them up . the SnS isn't on my radar but i'm considering a set of baskets . if i go that route i'll go for the better build quality . everything isn't for everybody ;) .