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    Planning the bird

    Is there such a thing as sitting in too much brine? I'd like to brine 3 that too much?
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    Planning the bird

    Sorry if this is a double post but I'm hoping this will be helpful eventually for all. I want to smoke the turkey, but I want to brine the turkey for a solid 24-72 hrs. How soon do I start thawing the turkey prior to putting it in the brine? I'm trying to figure out when to buy the turkey so...
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    Nashville hot sauce

    Anyone got a good recipe for Nashville style hot sauce?
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    Anyone use a burch barrel?

    I was thinking it couldn't be instilling more flavor then my GFS1050. does seem like something for the more uppity crowd. Wish I knew someone I could try cooking on but didn't seem worth it to me
  5. K

    Anyone use a burch barrel?

    On my drive to work I have seen an advertisement for the burch barrel. They are relatively expensive and I hadn't heard much about them prior to the advertisement. Has anyone cooked or tried something from a barrel?
  6. K

    Smoked Chili Colorado

    This is simply stunning. Do you think you can make a big batch of sauce ahead of time and freeze? Maybe vacuum seal?
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    Carne Guisada

    This looks so awesome. One of the Two dishes I've wanted to learn to make a dang good one as well as arroz con pollo. I'm wondering where you could add smoke flavor to make a smoky twist
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    Fermented hot sauce

    I have air locks but my first attempt I did just like the recipe said with a loose lid for 7 days then threw in the fridge in an open squeeze bottle it seems to be just fine and I'm still not dead. I never did any ph check or anything. My 2nd batch I'll do with airlock to see if there is a...
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    Fermented hot sauce

    Hello everyone, I'm over in Spokane and a few weeks back they were doing a restaurant week to get you to try new places, one of the spots was a Latin inspired restaurant called kismet. On their menu they had a taco topped with. Fermented hot sauce. Needless to say it was amazing. I went home...
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    Masterbuilt gravity fed power brick

    Thank you Alan, I knew there was a post about it but didn't know what to search
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    Masterbuilt gravity fed power brick

    Hey everyone, I know there's a lot of gravity fed owners out there and I recently read about using a power brick to prevent having to be plugged in. I'm hoping people could post some bricks they have used and any power cord attachments please. I just want to make sure I'm getting the right...
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    Smokey in Spokane

    Welcome from Spokane as well. Please tell me you've tried TT's old iron pub? There U-High turkey sandwich is the bomb!
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    Any bbq clans on clash of clans?

    Lol no it's a mobile game where you build army and steal from others
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    Any bbq clans on clash of clans?

    Hey all, this is probably a silly question but I've playing clash of clans for years and recently left my clan because it was a pretty quiet clan. Are there any bbq type clans anyone is aware of so I can play with like minded people who wanna blow smoke around the fire in the game?
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    Superbowl Giveaway

    Rams 34 Bengals 24 46 seconds left
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    What you cooking for Superbowl

    Nothing smoked unfortunately but I'm rolling lumpia for the big game
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    MB Gravity with sticks in the hopper?

    This is a really pupular method I've seen where you put a 2inch thick log down your shoot and then pile around charcoal. I haven't done it personally but I've read it enough time to not be worried about it since it's already well known you can do wood chunks.
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    Which Gravity Smoker? Chargriller or Masterbuilt?

    I have a 1050 and have gotten the best cooks of my life. I've used the bottom shelf to cook 2 turkeys and the tops for various other cooks. No water pan is required. I don't feel like I've lost too much smoke in my cooks and the ability to sear my ribs right after smoking is my favorite thing. I...
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    Need help with almond gravy

    So I tried making the post Drk and Zwiller posted. The white Chinese sauce would be a great base to make a Tom Kha soup or something with lemongrass but it is too gingery for almond gravy and the almond gravy recipe tasted like a sauce you'd place over turkey to help with moisture granted I...
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    Upgrade from Egg... insulated Cabinet / Vertical?

    That's true, I go a through at least a bag a cook. But I'll gladly pay it for the difference in flavor from my previous vertical pellet smoker