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    Let's Build A Smokehouse

    I'm definitely not going as big as yours - roughly 30"w, 24"d & 48"h. Do you think that is doable? From what I found, the burner should be around 36k btu.
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    Let's Build A Smokehouse

    I saw the pic of your other build, with a pellet hopper. How has that worked out? I'm wanting to build one, but capable of 225-275 temps.
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    Wooden smokehouse with pellet burner

    I have an old Pit Boss vertical smoker that I pulled the rear-mounted hopper and burner from, with the intention of building my own smoker. I was originally going to put it in a 1942 Fridgidaire, but my woodworking skills greatly surpass my metalworking skills. So, my next thought was a wooden...