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  1. nakom

    Tube bacon...

    This looks great and I was just thinking about doing something similar. Why did you add the plain pork to it instead of just the bacon by its self? My plan was to and cure and brown sugar to some ground pork I have and then put it in the cloth smoking bags and smoke it like I would bacon...
  2. nakom

    Dry aged prime rib

    Dumb question but why doesnt it spoil being in the fridge 28 days?
  3. nakom

    Best way to defrost pork

    yes these are hind legs, I raised a couple hogs and I did not have room to do all 4 at once because of the size.  I used  Pops6927 method and they turned out great.  The first 2 I did had never been frozen but I didnt have a...
  4. nakom

    Best way to defrost pork

    Thanks that is what i was thinking but it will take a week to defrost them, i am guessing.
  5. nakom

    Best way to defrost pork

    I have 2 skinned hog legs, i need to defrost to make hams.  They are near 40lbs each.  What is the best/safest way to do this? Thanks Nick
  6. nakom

    Con Yeager Spice Company

    I met these guys at the Birmingham AL Hunting Expo this weekend.  I was impressed with the time they took to talk to me during a very busy show.  Check out their website  I think the prices are good and the products that I have tried were great.  I have not seen...
  7. nakom

    hello from mi

    welcom to the forum this is a great place with alot of helpful people.  GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!
  8. nakom

    Easter Ham from Scratch

    Looked great I intend to start the process tonight on one of my the hog legs i recieved from my butchered hogs.  How do you know how much brine to inject?
  9. nakom

    Ham curing question

    thanks, I was also thinking about the coolers that you can plug in.
  10. nakom

    Ham curing question

    thanks for all the replys,  I plan on Using Pops brine reciepe and since i just got both my hogs back from the butcher i just dont have space to cure them in the fridge for 30 days.  I have 2 freezers and 2 refrigerators and they are all full.  Once i get the bacon done i will have more room but...
  11. nakom

    Ham curing question

    If you can dry cure a ham at high temp why cant you brine cure one as long as you keep it sealed? thanks Nick
  12. nakom

    Salt curing hams (prosciutto )

    Thanks for the response! That is one of my conserns trying to hang it for over a year and never get a fly in the room.  Here in TN the flys are out year around it seems.  I know people that said there grampa hung hams in the garage for a year and they were great.  Seems like the 100 deg days...
  13. nakom

    Salt curing hams (prosciutto )

    How do the guys do it down south that let it hang in the heat?  I have had people tell me there family did them all the time long ago but cannot get details.  I just sent 2 hogs off to the butcher! Looks amazing!  Is the white stuff in the latest pictures salt leaching out? Nick 
  14. nakom

    Raising pigs size quesion

    Thanks for the quick responces,  Looks like 4 months to 1 year is the time frame.  They are about 4 months old right now and I am betting they are every bit of 200lbs.  They wont hold still so i can measure them.
  15. nakom

    Raising pigs size quesion

    I am raising a couple pigs and I want to make Bacon.  Anyone have an idea how large i should let them get before I butcher them?  They are Chester White hogs.  I was thinking about butchering them at 7 months.  They will be around 300lbs at that time. Thoughts?
  16. nakom

    Hello, from Louisiana

    Welcome Joe!  This is a great site I am sure you will enjoy it.
  17. nakom

    First attempt at chicken sausage tomorrow

    I thought 4 cups was a quart? 4x8=32 right?
  18. nakom

    Pork Belly Prices

    They wanted $5.99 lb here in TN.  I found a Mexican Grocery store that is suppose to get some in and he was saying $2.99 lb.  I bought 2 pigs to raise a month ago because i could not believe the price.  I will raise these for 7 months and off to the butcher they go.  $1.40 lb i would buy 50# for...
  19. nakom

    Death by jerk

    I would start with .25 tsp and go from there.  I like real hot food so start with a small amount and work your way up.  Scottch Bonnets and Habenaroes are about the same heat rating actually.  They range from 100-300k.  Pepper spray is 2,000,000 scoviles so at 1,000,000 - 1,200,000 for the...
  20. nakom

    Death by jerk

    I grew some this year they are great.  The heat starts slow but builds and lasts a long time.  So becareful and dont think they are not too hot as it grows.  I do like the flavor better than Habenaros too.