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  1. J

    Everything should taste like Bacon

    Found this on another forum! ENJOY!
  2. J

    Mexican Pork Butt

    It's time for my annual Roasted Green Chile Fest! I got hooked on roasted green chiles when I lived in Colorado and the farmers market was fulled with the aroma from the large chile roasters. You could buy a 1 gal freezer bag of roasted chiles for five bucks! Since I moved to Montana, I grow my...
  3. J

    Bacon Mat!

    I may have put this in the wrong forum,Sorry! I found this on a cooking blog, thought you could use it over a Fatty or anything you may want to help keep moist! You just weave bacon together in a mat! Good for the WOW factor at your next BBQ! Thought I'd share!!!
  4. J

    Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella

    Has anyone every smoked the fresh buffalo mozzarella? I was thinking about the moisture content of the cheese and has wondering if it smoked well! As soon as it cools down around here I may give it a try! Jayfish
  5. J

    Who grows what?

    Hey Smokyoky I don't have a picture of an armenian cucumber, but here is a link to a .pdf.
  6. J

    Who grows what?

    I like the Brandywine also (two plants), two yellow pear(Wife's Fav), Granny's Paste for sauce! Poblanos, jalpanoes, armenian cucumbers, that's it I have a small garden!
  7. J

    Anyone here grow up in a small town?

    Steele, ND Pop. 800 Graduating class of 1981- total 36
  8. J

    New Ice Cream maker

    I got one of those new ice cream makers for my birthday! I got to try it out yesterday! Wondering what flavor I made? Guinness Stout! Now before you say anything, the flavor of the Guinness with the flavor of the Vanilla and molasses is excellent! I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Guinness and...
  9. J

    Some Exotic wood for the Smoker

    Just found this place! They sell Guava and Kiawe (Hawaiian Mesquite) wood! 12Lbs. $22.00 3 day priority Mail. Maybe something fun to try!
  10. J

    SMokin' Chicken!

    I've seen people put butter and herbs under the skin to help keep roasted chickens moist! The butter could lead to flare ups on the grill, but I stand my beer butt chicken on a old pie pan on the grill. You could mix the rub in the butter and stuff it under the skin! Else I can't think of a way...
  11. J

    SMokin' Chicken!

    I did a whole chicken this weekend. I butterflied it and used Galana Street rub from Penzey's. I fired up one side of the propane grill and used peach chips in the smoker box and put enough flame to get a good smoke from the box! Put the chicken on the cold side and in two hours done with a...
  12. J

    Key West Smoked Oysters

    Man, it's 9 am and keywesmoke has got me droolin'! Anymore of this and I'm going to have to replace my keyboard!!! That is definitely on the top of my smoking list!!!!
  13. J

    Smoked Figs!

    I found this on a website and I thought I'd post it. I have NOT tried it, because I don't think I could find fresh figs anywhere in Montana, but some of you may in other parts of the country! It sounds good! "Bring your smoker up to about 200 F . . . no more than 225 F. Cut a bunch of figs in...
  14. J

    Calling all fishing enthusiasts

    I would suggest your state game and fish department! They may have a youth fishing program, and fishing days! You should take advantage of the fees they charge you and use their wealth of information! Also a great start is this program! Its great you...
  15. J

    instead of a container for brining....

    They do make a food grade trash can liner for restaurants for food storage, but it maybe hard to get some. I assuming that lisaCSCO is in colorado springs and you may try Hobart Restaurant supply off of Circle! (if they're still there!)
  16. J

    Flyfishing Montanan who loves BBQ!

  17. J

    Flyfishing Montanan who loves BBQ!

    Just an intro, I'm in Montana and my main interest is to fly fish thus the name! I discovered this site when researching smoked cheese and have been lurking ever since! I'm still at the stage of smoking on a gas grill but am quickly out growing that! I also like the idea of the dutch oven forum...
  18. J

    cedar plank cooking

    Ceder Planking is big up in the Northwest! I'm in Montana so we have the northwest influence here! Ceder planks works great with salmon and now you can get food grade planks in hickory, maple, almost any flavor of wood. They're great to experiment with, different meats and woods, and great for...
  19. J

    Smoked Shrimp

    Hi, Long time lucker first time poster! Saw this idea on TV and gave it a try over the weekend! On the show they used two large metal mixing bowls, but I had an old metal wok w/lid. You put a layer of lit charcoal on the bottom, then a layer of wet chips, then I used shell-on deveined 16/20's on...