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  1. mrh

    Old stuffer parts

    I got this old stuffer and with help from my brother with some of his welding skills. It must have taken quite a fall at some point we are about ready to paint and put it back together. I am wondering if anybody would know where to find o-rings for the piston (10" diameter and the lid)...
  2. mrh

    Shrimp Boil questions

    Well it turned out well and I did learn a few things. This was the first half of the batch and was very tasty... Second half was good also All were very full when they left.... Thanks to chilirelleno for the help! Mark
  3. mrh

    Shrimp Boil questions

    Good advice on the pouring...Thanks.!! Maybe I should just do 2 batches and use the 30 qt pot with basket for ease! I have everything ready to roll here in a few hours. 8 ears of corn cut, 6 lbs of sausage cut in chunks, 7 lemons washed ready to slice in half, 2 heads of garlic waiting, 2...
  4. mrh

    Shrimp Boil questions

    Thanks for the tips! I have a 16 gallon beer keg I use for brewing beer with, I also have a turkey fryer too but not sure it would hold everything. That being said if I use the brew keg I don't have a basket. Just figure I will have dip all out with a strainer or pour through one.
  5. mrh

    Shrimp Boil questions

    Haven't been on for a while!! But I know where to go to find out things ..... Here!!! Ok I just got back from Louisiana and brought back 10 lbs of whole shrimp and plan to do a boil tomorrow.. I Plan on using sausage, lemons, onion, garlic, potatoes and sweet corn. I also picked up a pack of...
  6. mrh

    Weston 12" Meat Slicer $99

    Thanks Pops! But that is for a 10 incher I have the 12 inch one, they don't show a 12 incher on that page. Been trying to call Weston all morning but just get a busy signal! There are some other places that have a TB2-330 ribbed belt, but I need to know for sure how many ribs it is since the...
  7. mrh

    Weston 12" Meat Slicer $99

    Well bringing up this old post to try to get some info.... My 12'' has the drive belt going bad! Anybody else replace their belt yet and if so where did you you get it and how much did it cost!
  8. mrh

    Modified to cold smoke

    Thanks SmokinAl     We did cut a few cubes to try along the way to try as we went.  So we tried some during the smoke and a couple at the end.  The earlier ones had a slight bit of the more harsh smoke taste, but improved a lot after just a hour or so and the last ones at the end seemed about...
  9. mrh

    Modified to cold smoke

    Smoker in action worked well started at 53 degrees and after the 9 hours was at 56 degrees... Mark
  10. smoking cheese.jpg

    smoking cheese.jpg

  11. clarks cheese in smoker.jpg

    clarks cheese in smoker.jpg

  12. Modified  to cold smoke

    Modified to cold smoke

  13. mrh

    Modified to cold smoke

    Been reading some of the smoked cheese post lately and had tried it a couple times with ok results.   Well I did some modifying  and did 15 lbs for a buddy today as a trial run.   I think it turned out pretty good so far.... Time will tell, it smoked for 9 hours using maple pellets.  It didn't...
  14. front view cold smoker.jpg

    front view cold smoker.jpg

  15. Clarks cheese.jpg

    Clarks cheese.jpg

  16. back view cold smoker.jpg

    back view cold smoker.jpg

  17. mrh

    Cheese Attempt ~ Foamheart

    Thanks Mr T.... Doing some reading on the posts which has ballooned into reading several of your posts!  Very informative and has my wheels turning! Mark
  18. mrh

    Cheese Attempt ~ Foamheart

    Looks good Foamheart ! ... I am pretty new to the cheese smoking too.  I tried smoking some cheese , its right at a month old now... After reading this post I have a question for the pros now.....  I seen it mentioned to leave it overnight after smoking before vac sealing.... I didn't do this...
  19. mrh

    Exhaust stack size

    Ok here is my experience on this so far.... I just built a smoker out of a food warmer and used a Smoke Daddy pellet hopper in it.. I started out with a 3-1/2" hole in the top center and had a upside down stainless dog dish as a manifold with two 2-1/2"  exhaust tube stacks.....  I also cut in a...
  20. mrh

    High Mountain jerky mix

    I did ask High Mountain... they said I could give it a try but they didn't recommend it.   I figured maybe somebody here has allready gave it a try.  I have been using it the dry way for years and helped a buddy make a bunch of jerky this weekend, he used LEM mix and mixed 2.1/2 cups of water to...