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    Interesting Testing on Charcoal from America's Test Kitchen

    Admittedly I don't use that much charcoal anymore since buying the Green Mountain pellet grill, but I really like how clean Kingsford Professional burns, it's my first choice for the Weber kettle, regular Kingsford in a pinch is easier to find.
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    Combo Pellet smoker/Grill?

    My GMG gets to 550, makes a great fast and hot burger.
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    Green Mountain Grill Prime 2.0?

    I see GMG has redesigned their grill recently, has anybody here tried one of the new one yet? I currently have a Daniel Boone Prime Plus and it's had a couple minor problems, but overall been a great unit. Like the upgrades they have made on the new ones as far as design, thinking of getting...
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    Combo pellet and gas grills

    I like the shape of the cook chamber on my GMG Daniel Boone(now the Ledge model). Dids a 17 pound turkey with plenty of room to spare on Thanksgiving. I looked at a couple "combo" grills and ultimately decided that I'd be better served by seperate grills, the difference in floor space they...
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    A pellet smoker that actually smokes meat??

    GMG seems to work alright for smoking sausage.
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    A pellet smoker that actually smokes meat??

    Three words...Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf.
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    A pellet smoker that actually smokes meat??

    Finally a question I can answer...Ford Mustang, Martin D28, Mauser 98(8x57), Milwaukee M18 Fuel...far as pellet grills go, they work great for what they are. Younger brother has a Pit Boss, I've got a GMG...they both make great food with not much effort.
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    One week in with the pellet smoker.

    Just popping in for an update. Use the DB pretty regularly and so far, other than some power adapter issues, it has run like a champ. Yesterday I cut a 25 1/2" #4 rebar and four 14 1/2" 1x2s for legs and did a quick conversion to a hanging smoker. Did 25 pounds of venison bologna last night...
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    July 4th

    Well, I'm looking forward to putting Covid in the rearview. Didn't have my usual 4th of July cookout last year. Going to be good to get back to normal...hopefully sooner than later.
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    One week in with the pellet smoker.

    OK, so I'm about a week in with my GMG Daniel Boone Prime+, so far I like it a lot. Definitely a different flavor than my old Char Griller stick burner, not a bad thing, just different. Less smokey(wife likes that, she's not a big fan of "smoke" flavor), way easier than the stick burner. Just...
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    Weber Kettle Grills

    I've got a Weber 22. Hard to beat it for burgers, sausages and steaks. Don't really know much else other than you can cook a pretty fair amount of food for the amount of charcoal you burn.
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    Probably been beat to death already but Silverbac or Daniel Boone?

    Looking at $800 max, any more would be a deal breaker with SWMBO.
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    Homebrewers Roll-Call

    I brew a little...
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    Probably been beat to death already but Silverbac or Daniel Boone?

    Going to pick up my first pellet grill/smoker. Stuck between the Grilla Silverbac and the GMG Daniel Boone(Prime Plus). GMG is available semi-locally, and looks like a really well made grill, Silverbac is a touch bigger of course, and double walled. Local dealer con get me the GMG with a...
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    New from Wisconsin

    Hello Mr Obvious, long time listener, first time caller...seriously though, switching over to a pellet grill/smoker this year(had a modified Char Griller barrel smoker for the last 7 years and it rusted through last summer). Figured this would be the best place to get input on the next one. Tim