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    Seeking Advice Making 5.7 inch Thick Sandwich Meat / Sausage

    I just did a buffalo chicken lunch meat near this size. smoked low temp to get the flavor then finish in the sous vide. came out awesome!!!!
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    FREE TEST for Centrifugal Juicer SCJ-001

    I would love to test one please
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    High end knife vs electric slicer vs the local butcher

    if you go knife- victorinox 8inch breaking knife great quality and cheap price. another option if you have a meat grinder they sell an attachment that tenderizes and slices jerky strips. if no grinder they have manual tenderizer/jerky slicers
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    Spicy Jalapeno summer sausage

    curious how yo finished them in the sous vide? Did you vac seal them all? Did you cut them in half to fit if you did? My casings I use are 18inch long, and Ive thought about using the sous vide to speed up the process.
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    Now you have done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the stuffer will make you hate making sausage. save up to buy a dedicated stuffer, life will be wayyyy easier
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    Seasoning pork butt

    I not a pro but I do a few days before hoping to get flavor into the meat
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    Giveaway for Inkbird WIFI Sous Vide Cooker

    id like to get in please
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    Lem Big Bite meat slicers

    where is the auction? Im also in cny (utica area)