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  1. sound1

    Sponsored 50% Coupon for Inkbird 1500feet Remote Signal Waterproof BarbecueThermometer

    I would like to test this if the offer is still out there.
  2. sound1


    Ditto that !!
  3. sound1

    Tomato Hornworm... mine is bigger than yours....

    He is a monster!!  Would start quite the fight if thrown in the chicken coop
  4. sound1

    maybe you dutch oven guys can use this...

    Takes me back to the old scout leader days and the cobbler pie/cooking competitions. THX for posting guys.
  5. sound1

    anyone fry a turkey around here??????

    I always end up with 20+ pounders and have learned that @ 325  and 5minutes per pound they come out golden and juicy. That rule that you need 15lbs or smaller....hogwash. Truckerbob; I was turned on to the garbage can method on a job site by a bunch of fellow electricians.  Good stuff and much...
  6. sound1

    My Largest Butt Smoke Ever

    Nicely Done!!!  I'm sure the kids loved it.
  7. sound1

    I'M BACK! Daughter's Wedding - My 1st to cook for: Planning, Smoking, Q-View (HUGE success)

    WOW,, Nicely Done!!  I have been out of town (and off the site) for a couple weeks, come back to see your final accomplishment.  Like you said, most caterers will never add the love that you did and will just dish the food out... and they will never be nearly as self critical of the product...
  8. sound1

    Glad to find y'all's forum!

    Welcome to the group.  Looking forward to seeing your builds.
  9. sound1

    Crispy skin twice baked taters

    Great Idea!!
  10. sound1

    MES 30 won't start up.

    ouch, those were some bad connections.  Let us know..
  11. sound1

    Good morning from KC from rgreen05

    Welcome to the group. looking forward to you sharing some of your ideas with the group as well...
  12. sound1

    Pastrami from scratch on the Smokin It #3

    Vac packed, something looking that good wouldn't last that long  around here. Nicely done.
  13. sound1

    Strawberry Jam....second batch this year!

    Everybody need a good thingy
  14. sound1

    What is your favorite kind of homemade jelly?????

    Door County tart cherry with blackberry a close second. 
  15. sound1

    MES Digital Smokers

    With Bear on this one...the MES with a AMNPS is a perfect pairing. Like anything else, hearing good news vs bad....bad news always comes out fast and furious, good seems to lurk in the background, but I would be curious to see what the actual percentage of bad units that MES has. I'm willing to...
  16. sound1

    April Throwdown Voting.

    Great job folks!!  The creative bar gets raised again. 
  17. sound1

    What a difference summer makes

    Nice qview...did ya pay your guards well??