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  1. J

    Oil-less turkey fryers - Pros? Cons?

    Just received mine today, a buddy does 6+ turkeys a year for parties, he used one this year and is done with oil.  Said it was just as good if not better.   So, I dont have a shop, I need to do it outside in the weather, anyone made an enclosure to keep it out of the wind and rain?
  2. J

    "Not so hots"

    Nice, anyone else try the not so hot ones?
  3. J

    Fowl ?

    Duck jerky, some of the best jerky Ive made!
  4. J

    Antelope appy in bacon

    Man, site is so slow its hard to use anymore!  The loper jerky was ok, it dried out super fast, good flavor though, just have to adjust the time in the smoker is all.  Duck is still one of my favorite jerky's to smoke!
  5. J

    Antelope appy in bacon

    Just an experiment, they are good, the bacon just soaked up too much smoke flavor I think, so next time less smoke, and or less bacon. They have a little garlic powder on them. One plate was just bacon with garlic powder, another plate had some Yoshida's on the loper, the final one had some soy...
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  9. J

    Baby Back Ribs - Maiden Voyage Of The Newbie Smoker!

    Ok cool, thank you!
  10. J

    Another Sunday RIbs with Qview

     Cant wait to do some ribs in my MES!
  11. J

    Baby Back Ribs - Maiden Voyage Of The Newbie Smoker!

    How about some details? What did ya put on them? Cook temps and times? I have not done ribs yet, but love them and like to try it. Thanks
  12. J

    what kind of wood to use

    Thats a good list, and every bag of chips Ive looked at says what they 'recommend' they are used for. But thats not cast in stone at all.  That said, Ive been using apple for everything so far.  Did two batches of salmon past two days with apple, its awesome!!  Did a whole chicken with apple...
  13. J

    First fatty, your average breakfast fattie. Qview

     HAHA, your totally right!!
  14. J

    First fatty, your average breakfast fattie. Qview

    Thanks all! It was fun, the wife and I felt like scientists making it, haha.  I cant wait to make some other variations, like a cheeseburger one, and pizza and what not!
  15. J

    First fatty, your average breakfast fattie. Qview

    After stumbling across this forum the other day I couldnt wait to try it. Made it with regular jimmy dean, eggs scrambled, cheese, diced up potatoes.  Had a couple others over today as nobody around here has heard of one of these things.  It didnt last!  I set my MES30 on 275 and it took about...
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