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  1. big-ron

    Beef Ribs & Fatties

    looks great
  2. big-ron

    120 gallon Vertical SFB

    Looks good, I would like to see the shelves in the smoker
  3. big-ron

    Custom BBQ Catering/Competition Trailer

    Thanks folks, through my website I can accept credit cards as well.  Make me a serious offer, I am ready to sell.
  4. big-ron

    Custom BBQ Catering/Competition Trailer

    Custom smoker used for BBQ cook offs and catering. Many trophies won using this pit. I have a growing family and need to downsize. Used frequently and is always clean and garage kept. Link with photos is below and I will consider all SERIOUS offers. If you need to cook on the pit I have no...
  5. Big Ron's In The House Seasoning.jpg

    Big Ron's In The House Seasoning.jpg

  6. Big Ron's Original Rub.jpg

    Big Ron's Original Rub.jpg

  7. Big Ron's Hint of Houston.jpg

    Big Ron's Hint of Houston.jpg

  8. big-ron

    Dinner for friends and leftovers for the week ahead...QVIEW

    Thanks Gunner for the kind words!  I am finally finding this forum.  If you like chili try my new Big Ron's Texas Chili Mix.  I am very proud of it and hope it will do well.  Take care
  9. big-ron

    the best rub

    I use my own Big Ron's Hint of Houston on pork.  Low in sodium and has a great well balanced flavor.  For pork you need a lower sodium rub as pork has a naturally salty flavor.  Enjoy!
  10. big-ron

    Whats your absolute favorite rib rub recipe?

    Hint of Houston works for me :)
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