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    High-end pellet grill rec?

    Looks phenomenal. Hopefully it treats you as well as my Mak did for me. Great machines. Great Convenience.
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    You've heard of pulled pork right?

    how long does pulled chicken vac sealed and frozen last for?
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    Hello From NY

    I ended up getting a Konnected Joe, which has been allowing me to do that (with a smaller grill surface, unfortunately) but with real wood.
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    High-End Pellet Grill For Sale: Mak 2 Star General For Sale (NY) ($1999.00)

    Thank you! Yes it has served me well.
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    High-End Pellet Grill For Sale: Mak 2 Star General For Sale (NY) ($1999.00)

    Hey all, this machine is probably the best pellet grill I have tried. I have gone through a few. I have had it for about 15 months, and I have done about 30 cooks on it during that time. I would have done more, but I have been getting more and more into open-fire cooking. I recently pulled the...
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    Hello From NY

    Hello Everyone Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Living in long island, NY and addicted to smoking meats (and cigars heh). Been smoking meats since I was 21 or so. Used charcoal, Drums, Pellets and now waiting for my first ever stick burner and quite excited.