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    Preserving basil?

    To add/combine a couple comments. Wife makes pesto from our basil and has always put the mix in ice cube trays and freeze. After frozen take them out of the trays and place them in freezer bags and back into the freezer until needed.
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    Drum Smokers and my first competition

    Brain, your entries look nice and you went in with the right attitude. Need to evaluate what went wrong in the judges eye and work on that. IMO a sign of a great cook is one that know his/her audience and prepares the food in accordance. Another summer is only 6 months away and time to hone...
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    Ugly Drum Smokers

    Maybe a little hi-temp paint on the outside.
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    Need Help on Freezing

    Your idea will work. What I do when I make my own ground meat, sausage and even veggies to put in the freezer, I use zip lock bags for freezer use. The freezer bags are thicker than normal "sandwich" bags. Never a problem even when storred over numerious months. Been doing it that way for...
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    Pork shoulder

    Since several ask, here it is as taken out of the smoker. Meat temp was 180° Used my typ Apple/Cherry mix for wood. Added a cut up Apple in the water tray and made some Apple Juice from one of the trees out back and keep the shoulders moist. Going to let them cool down and then see if I can...
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    Pork shoulder

    Not yet, still a couple hrs away from getting in 12 hrs. Will have to see what the temp is. Monitoring and is at the plateau, ~160 and holding.
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    Dinosaur Ribs

    My tractor Forum. Not unlike this forum with the focus on tractors of all sizes, riding mowers to the BIG guys, plus about anything else good folks could think of and want to discuss and/or share. I know I've steered at least one or two of the members over here. Lots more knowledge on smoking...
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    Propane Tank Smoker

    Welcome aboard rookie. Will leave it up to the more knowledgeable folks to advise you on your build.
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    The Rules - SMF Guidelines

    Glad to see some rules posted. I can live with them and I'm sure most others can as well. Liked the Family Friendly comment. We need to be respectful of others on the forum who may have young'ns watching and prefer a little less course vocabulary than some of use use at times.
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    Dinosaur Ribs

    You post over on MTF? Seem to recall someone over there with the same tag line.
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    newbie also

    From another somewhat newbie, welcome to SMF. Lot of good people and advise.
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    Pork shoulder

    Even when the smoker is not in use, when I walk by the smoker, sometimes I open the door and take a smell. Nothing better.
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    Pork shoulder

    It's thin enough it hard to capture in the pic. My concerns have been the smoke doesn't look blue to me but always light. Over the few yrs I've had this smoker the somewhat sticky build-up on the cabinet walls has always had me wondering if I was doing it right, no creosote. Never used...
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    Pork shoulder

    Home made. Double walled SST industrial cabinet. Was new and heading for the trash. Has a separate upper chamber I use for cold smokes for things like cheese.
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    Building my own.

    Just caught this thread. Nice looking smoker. Looks like you are doing a pro job. Waiting for the results from the first smoke.
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    Pork shoulder

    Giving it another try and have a couple small shoulders in the smoker today. This is how they are looking after several hrs. Is this what I should be seeing for TBS (wavey lines on upper front of smoker and faint hints on top rear corners) ?
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    sauces & rubs and diabeties

    I don't have values for powder form but in natural state, honey = 279/cup & molasses = varies with extraction and runs from 213/cup for first extraction to 199/cup for 3rd extraction/black strap. Think it was the type of food and not how it was cooked. Meat has no carbs and if fried, still no...
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    Dinosaur Ribs

    Jaynik, your ribs look good to me. You do need to talk to your wife about that sauce stuff though. IMO, sauce is for times when the meat has not flavor of its own or tring to cover up something not so tasty.
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    Got my dehydrator. now what?

    Hope you have plans for doing something other than just making jerky. I have a dry veggie/spice mix I make and it starts out with fresh tomatoes, onions and peppers from the garden. Mix is not unlike Mrs Dash. First made this a few yrs ago to coat chicken going on to the grill. (had modified...
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    sauces & rubs and diabeties

    Was making up another batch of rub tonight and I see I owe a number of people an appology about the amount of sugar I was thinking was in Jeff's rub. One cup and not the 2.5 the old mind was telling me. That's 191 carbs and not the over 400 I was thinking. Would still like to find a way to...