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    Smoking Firewood

    Thanks for the replies, I read an article from Aaron franklin saying that kiln dried can lose flavor due to have dry and fast it burns. I was just seeing the consensus was around in the area. If you can believe it I won a Primitive Pits backyard model called “the Babe.” Previously I have been...
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    Smoking Firewood

    Hi, NJ BBQ crew I will receiving an offset smoker soon and have been trying to find firewood. Everything I have found was kiln dried which from what I read isn’t great for BBQ. My question is where can I find good oak or hickory logs/splits? I live in Monmouth county but willing to drive if...
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    Texan Jalapeno Sausage - Take 1

    Hey sir, I stumbled across your sausage recipe and I have always wanted to make this style of sausage. I have 2 questions (I am a novice at smoking) 1. What kind of smoker are you using to manipulate the temps so steady during the time period? I purchased a WSM would I be able to replicate this...