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  1. pgrace245

    Oklahoma Joe Longhorn

    Ill have to try that.  It does seal the smoke chamber quite well. 
  2. pgrace245

    Oklahoma Joe Longhorn

    I ordered the wood stove gasket that comes with adhesive backing and it is not sticking too well in some parts...maybe I need to caulk the back with high temp gasket caulk.
  3. pgrace245

    First smoke on the Longhorn - Spare Ribs w/pics

    Last week my new OKJ Longhorn arrived and after doing a few mods I was able to season it yesterday with the intention of doing some ribs today.  I started with a nice set of spare ribs and removed the tissue covering the bottom of the ribs (and the slab of meet on the rib) and applied a good KC...
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  6. pgrace245

    New from Chicago area

    Thanks for the great welcome.  My Longhorn arrives on Friday.  I already have most of the supplies needed for the mods!  Can't wait to get started.  Just need a good thermometer and wood stove gasket for the seals on the doors.  So far lots of great info learned in the short time I have been on...
  7. pgrace245

    New from Chicago area

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I am starting to learn more about smoking meats.  I just recently purchased a OKJ Longhorn and I have learned alot from this site so far.  I'm looking forward to learning more in the near future. -Paul
  8. pgrace245

    Oklahoma Joe Longhorn

    I decided to go with the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn model from Lowes for $428.  I just ordered and can't wait to get it.  I have a few mods in mind that I need to do. 
  9. pgrace245

    Oklahoma Joe Longhorn

    The one at Walmart for $268 is the Highland not the Long Horn. The Highland weighs 180lbs vs 300lbs for the long horn. Im curious about the quality of the Highland. Let us know how it is when you get it.