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  1. puff

    To much smoke on my meat

    My stack has only 1.5 inches inside the smoker.  I do a full cooking with wood only.  I have been using Choke Cherry for my pork and oak for my beef.  I have some Hickory that is coming.  I like about 1/4 inch smoke ring on my pork and beef.  I have never wrapped my meat before.  I keep the tong...
  2. puff

    To much smoke on my meat

    I dont have a damper on the stack.  Never even thought of it.  Do you think that is the problem.
  3. puff

    To much smoke on my meat

    Gary here is the web site you gave me to use.  I do have two air intakes and the length of my stack is 27 inches. All I see is my firebox is a little to small If im reading it right. What else do you need to know to help me out. Link to BBQ Pit Calculator
  4. puff

    To much smoke on my meat

    Gary sorry it has taken me so long getting back to you.  I have a 250 gallon reverse flow.  The wood I use has been split and drying for at least 2 years.  I never new how much science  was into building one of these.  I will run the numbers tonight and let you know.  thanks for your help. 
  5. puff

    To much smoke on my meat

    I have my reverse flow smoker with a 6 inch stack.  I fill i have to much smoke on the meat.  Should I change it to a 10 inch stack.  Im using Choke cherry wood and oak or hickory it depends on what im cooking.  I cook around 225 to 250 depending on what meat im using. any suggestions on fixing...
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  7. Smoker painted.jpg

    Smoker painted.jpg

  8. Smoker paint 2.jpg

    Smoker paint 2.jpg

  9. Smoker cleaned.jpg

    Smoker cleaned.jpg

  10. Smoker before paint.jpg

    Smoker before paint.jpg

  11. puff


    I just sandblasted my tank a month ago its now showing surface rust.  Any recommendation how to remove it.
  12. puff

    Comment by 'puff' in media '075.JPG'

    Your fire box what is the thickness on it a 1/4"on the door. It sure looks good
  13. puff

    First Smoker For me

    Thanks Dave for the info I will do some more work on it.  I do have a question any suggestion on painting my smoker
  14. puff

    Painting my tank

    Hay guys I am ready to paint my tank any helpful hints on what type of paint or a brand to use.
  15. puff

    First Smoker For me

    I started with the opening small 4X6 and I can see that it may have to be enlarged.  But before I do that I am going to add more air intakes to see if that takes care of it.  
  16. puff

    First Smoker For me

    Hay thanks guys I will check out the 5 day E course to help me out.  I cant wait till I can paint my smoker and the weather breaks were I can start smoking some food for the family.
  17. First Smoker For me

    First Smoker For me

  18. puff

    First Smoker For me

         I had been talking about making a small smoker with my wife for about 10 years know.  Well I got the go ahead to do so.  What a exciting day, I bought a 250 gallon propane tank in June of 2012 for 50.00 bucks.  When I drove  a little over an hour away I was there to pick it up.  Well I can...
  19. The Tank.jpg

    The Tank.jpg

  20. puff

    Missouri Style BBQ Sauce

    Im looking for one that is sweet and has a little bit of heat behind it.