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  1. payson

    My new Black & Tan

    Hmmm, some misinformation here. There is in fact chocolate in the Youngs. Also, the cream stout you're talking about is called a cream stout (aka milk stout) because lactose (aka milk sugar) is added which isn't readily fermentable. It adds to the creamy body and mouthfeel. It has nothing to do...
  2. payson

    A Few Pics Of My Homebrews

    Nice! Here's a few pictures of my latest batch: And here's where it will reside:
  3. payson

    Snack Stick storage question?

    Thanks TasunkaWitko! I was actually thinking the same thing about Indians and pemmican (sp?)!
  4. payson

    Snack Stick storage question?

    I recently purchased a Hi Mountain snack stick kit that included everything from the cure to the 19 mm casings. (I believe that’s the size at least.) After smoking to an internal temp of 165 they are beautiful! Sorry, no pictures. Anyway, I’d like to take them to Utah on an upcoming hiking trip...
  5. payson

    Meat Grinder Question

    Thanks for all of the good advice! I finally decided on this one: It arrives Monday!
  6. payson

    Meat Grinder Question

    Thanks for the reply's! It's only me and my wife so the amount we put through it will be pretty minimal. I can't imagine over 10 pounds at a time. Will this still be too underpowered Aardvark? I don't really want to invest much more than $100 in one so I may be way too limited in my choices. I'm...
  7. payson

    Meat Grinder Question

    Hello, My wife has given me the green light to upgrade my current hand crank meat grinder. I saw this at Lowes and was wondering what the consensus was. It's a "Waring Pro". Any experience with this model? Are there better options out there...
  8. payson

    best beer for BBQ

    Bigfoot...sweet, hoppy, pwerful Bigfoot! 15.5 gallons of it should last a smoke session or two!!
  9. payson

    Wickle Pickles

    I agree, Wickles are awesome! I see them here and there in South carolina and generally try to keep some on hand. They're so good when the pickles are gone we'll throw some other cheapo brand back into the jar to soak up the left-over brine. Perfect sweet/heat balance.
  10. payson

    Brinkman electric smoker gets to hot

    Another way you can get the heat down on this model is by using an extension cord. Make sure it's sufficient to handle the elements load though. A 25' cord will drop the temp a good bit.
  11. payson

    Happy Birthday Payson!

    Thanks all! Had a very nice party that included fine cigars, scotch, craft beer from around the world as well as homebrewed delights and a smoker full of ABT's! They went quick! A few made with habanero's were all that remained at the end of the night!
  12. payson

    Minnesota Bradley Smoker Owner

    Iâ€8482m a Bradley smoker user myself. Love it. Great for a whole slew of things. Cold smoking, bacon, butts, you name it. Welcome!
  13. payson

    Try Cheese sticks!

    I agree. I used to core them but never again. So much easier to cut them lengthwise. I think you can load them with more filling this way too!
  14. payson

    best beer for BBQ

    Love Dogfish Head! I've got a bottle of the Fort that I may have to crack into this weekend.
  15. payson

    And, did you know about this?? Urban legend it seems...
  16. payson

    best beer for BBQ

    Actually, Canada and alcohol strength have no bearing on one another. That's simply a myth that's been around for ages. Check it out here:
  17. payson

    Beef Sirloin ?

    "4 Cuber" eh? Sounds mighty good, might have to indulge in one or 4 tonight! Thanks!
  18. payson

    Beef Sirloin ?

    Wow DaveNH, that's a beauty! Might just have to pop back by and see if any more are available!
  19. payson

    Beef Sirloin ?

    Thanks for all of the great suggestions! I'm glad she bought it!
  20. payson

    Beef Sirloin ?

    My wife just grabbed a beef sirloin that's about 10 pounds. (I think that's what it's called anyway..) It's a huge hunk of pretty lean, good looking beef. I'm guessing we can make sirloin tips and what not but I'm wondering what else can be done with it? Can you cut off a nice slice and treat it...