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  1. Teal101

    Brisket failures

    Are you going off the Traeger PID or an external thermometer unit? My Traeger has wild swings and is 25-45* off from the PID depending on the setting I put it at. Hard bottom and dry brisket could be a few things. Sometimes dry is from not cooking long enough. Hard bottom sounds like too...
  2. Teal101

    Pork Belly = Jamaican Sandwich + Fried Potato and Peppers

    It has a bit of heat and a lot of sweet. It turned out pretty good. The jerk sauce in the mayo was a big hit. I did find out if I tried to crisp the belly strips in the pan too far the rub would burn off and literally have zero flavor. A few nights later we did jerk chicken with the...
  3. Teal101

    Pork Belly = Jamaican Sandwich + Fried Potato and Peppers

    Currently have a belly on to do this after reading this thread. Did mine in a honey habanero rub. Will go on Hawaiian sub buns as I'm not a bread maker haha. Pickled jalapenos, onion, lettuce, jerk sauce like you made. Excellent looking meal.
  4. Teal101

    First time smoked cheese, possible fail

    Try using 100% wood pellets, Lumberjack makes many varieties and are what I use. I also microwave my pellets for 2-3 minutes before loading them up in my tray, makes them light much better with a torch. I put a deflection shield of aluminum foil over the tray to keep heat off of my cheese...
  5. Teal101

    Seared And Smothered Rib Eye (Pics)

    Another one of your recipes into the bookmarks to try later. I can see doing 3-4 of these on the Blackstone for the whole family. Looks great.
  6. Teal101

    Moose "Chili"

    They were great, thanks for the recipe! Like I said this has become the staple way to make chili! Up here in the PNW its chili so thats what we're going with! Thanks. I've used beef before, but the tang of game meat really livens up the bowl. Lucky for us we have a relatively steady stream of...
  7. Teal101

    Moose "Chili"

    Thanks guys! Yeah we have been having some serious rain and fall is in full swing, it hit the spot! We did chili cheese tots the next night with it and finished it off, good stuff!
  8. Teal101

    Moose "Chili"

    Thanks gents! I too love Moose, rare occasion we get our hands on some though. My mother was unable to harvest one on her trip to BC this year, was really looking forward to more!
  9. Teal101

    Moose "Chili"

    In my family this is considered Chili, for many it is not. I loosely follow this recipe by @Sowsage every single time I cook chili now. The preparation always results in a fantastic meal. I cut up 5 small green bell peppers...
  10. Teal101

    That time of year...

    ...and not a moment too soon. Down to just two small packs of cheddar from last year. Decided to start big this year and hopefully have more on hand later into the year. Did 32oz blocks of Tillamook Cheddar and Pepperjack, 1lb block of Darigold Sharp White Cheddar aged 6mo, 1lb block of...
  11. Teal101

    Pulled Pork Nachos

    PP nachos are a staple for us. We make sandwiches the day I do the butt and then freeze leftovers. It all gets made into nachos! Those look superb.
  12. Teal101

    Holiday Rib Eye Feast For Family (Pics)

    It may be simple, but thats a mighty fine meal right there.
  13. Teal101

    Disposal of water and grease from smokers

    Theres a difference between plant matter and animal matter. If its just a grass clippings pile and thats all you use it as then throw whatever in it. You do not want any animal matter in a real compost pile used for composting. It stunts the breakdown of the organic matter and attracts pests. It...
  14. Teal101

    Disposal of water and grease from smokers

    Correct, you do not want that stuff in your compost pile.
  15. Teal101

    First shot at a Tomahawk

    Thank you, I have really gotten into reverse searing after getting the Traeger. Thank you! My Traeger has so much crap in it from smoking all the time that cranking it up creates quite a acrid smoke, that and it has a hard time getting to 400. I need to use that Weber for something haha...
  16. Teal101

    First shot at a Tomahawk

    Next one will be that way for sure. Thanks! Thanks on both accounts!
  17. Teal101

    First shot at a Tomahawk

    Thanks! Saw it in a few recipes to allow the steak to rest a bit between the smoke and the sear. Overall I think it was unnecessary and probably contributed to the steak being a little overdone for my liking. Next one will transfer straight.
  18. Teal101

    First shot at a Tomahawk

    Never done one, but seeing as its just a thick cut ribeye with the full bone still on I figure it cant be that hard! Finally able to as my wife delivered our first baby boy on June 9th and we can get back to eating rare meat again! Trimmed off any silverskin and most of the fat cap to let the...
  19. Teal101

    The Secret to getting bite through, crispy skin on chicken

    Heat! If I do wings I dry them, apply rub, and let them set in the fridge for a minimum of 4hrs uncovered. I also sprinkle a bit of baking powder on with the rub to help dry them. Run on the pellet at 250 (my traeger runs around 275 at that setting) for an hour then up to 350 and crisp for...
  20. Teal101

    1st Smoked Prime Rib

    Thats the only way I do PR anymore. Traeger PR rub, roll it into a cylinder and tie it up, slide some fresh rosemary sprigs under the twine and smoke with cherry until around 100* then pull and reverse sear on the weber for a nice crust until around 120*. Pull and rest.