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  1. bowlbq

    Smoke eater going to buy his first smoker and need advice

    Congrats on the new smoker.
  2. bowlbq

    Hardware Question for UDS

    Sorry I misread thought the u bolts were to connect the metal I used stainless wiring to attach the grate to the ring no problems
  3. bowlbq

    Hardware Question for UDS

    For what it's worth I just overlapped the expanded metal and used regular bolts with a couple large washers. Also I have a uds and was looking to add an mes. Lol
  4. bowlbq

    Smoke eater going to buy his first smoker and need advice

    perhaps a pellet smoker or a combination of a uds with a BBQ guru
  5. bowlbq

    Just had to build one

    Nice smoker. The uds is a fun build and fun to use.
  6. bowlbq

    Buying My First Smoker- What Else Do I Need In My Shopping Cart?

    I hear a stainless steel door is the way to go on a wsm. A friend said the aluminum door was disheartening lost heat and smoke.
  7. bowlbq

    Smoking a big one!

    smoke ring was lacking flavor and tenderness were there.
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  9. bowlbq

    Smoking a big one!

    getting ready for the old FTC treatment it finally shrunk. It was at 190 hadn't lost an inch then went through a late stall and shrunk up like normal tender at 210.
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  11. bowlbq

    Chuckie smoking today

    Chucks are awesome to smoke but definitely prone to taking their own time.
  12. bowlbq

    Smoking a big one!

    It's a drum. I'm sure the brisket will fit in a few hours. I love a good long low and slow brisket. Think it should be done in a day or two
  13. Smoking a big one!

    Smoking a big one!

  14. bowlbq

    Smoking a big one!

    I have a family get together tomorrow and they requested a brisket. I went to the store and only saw one left. After some trimming it's about 18 pounds! Let the fun begin had to put a little foil on the ends where it bumped the sides of the smoker but wanted to keep it whole
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  16. bowlbq

    New smoker from ohio

    Welcome to smf lots of good people and advice. Good luck with the smoke today. Feel free to share pics we all love em. Lol
  17. bowlbq

    Uds stopped overnight

    Glad you got it to work. The uds is a fun smoker to build and use. Once you've used it for a couple smokes and learn it's little quirks you re golden
  18. bowlbq

    Brisket with Mopping Sauce

    Hmm I'm thinking mopping is in my future
  19. bowlbq

    Brisket with Mopping Sauce

    I ve been using a coffee rub for a while so I can't wait to see how this ends up. Looks great
  20. bowlbq

    Pork butt becoming a fail...

    Glad it turned out well. Nothing as sad as spending all day on a smoke and having to pitch it.