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  1. smokertom

    Pickerel....does anybody do anything with them?

    Come on folks......Pickerel in Canada where I live are Walleye.  This is the best eating fresh water fish there is.  Before you all say chop them up or throw them out, do a bit of research first.
  2. smokertom

    Using Smoked Salt in A Cure Recipe

    Thanks for the response.......and yes, I am aware that cure No 1 must be included. I guess I did not fully explain that I was wanting to replace the salt in the dry rub with smoked salt just to negate having to further smoke the bacon, and I was wondering if anyonw had tried it and how how it...
  3. smokertom

    Using Smoked Salt in A Cure Recipe

    Has anyone ever used smoked salt in their recipe as a replacement for the salt content in making bacon?  I would like to make bacon and instead of smoking in a smoke house up to a safe temperature, I would rather place it in an oven and bake to an internal temperature of 160 degrees and still...