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  1. i is a moose

    What Does "ABT" Stand For?

    Same. Time to go shove my imagination in the dishwasher.
  2. i is a moose

    Reinventing the Wheel: Putting a Spin on Gyros.

    I keep forgetting to bring the memory card from my camera to work so I can upload. I will spare the banter about the results until I've got some pics to back it up. Overall, it was a pretty good bit of Q, though.
  3. i is a moose

    Smoking 4 butts, q-view in progress

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
  4. i is a moose

    1st Smoke...... Q-View

    Looks great! If you're unsure about your thermo, give the probe a dunk in heavily-iced water, and make sure the calibration is good. Location is key, too! Bones will get hotter than the flesh, so it could have been reading a bone, or in a shallower part of meat that was up to temp. It also...
  5. i is a moose

    I got bored at 1 in the morning so I went to Wal Mart and bought stuff to make a fatty Q View

    Looks good! I sympathize with you about the odd-hours. Life in Night Audit. The good news is that the gym is always empty in the early morning, and I don't have to wait 'till five to crack open a cold one when I get home. Thanks for sharing!
  6. i is a moose

    Sunday test smoke / St. Louis ribs on new WSM

    Opening a new WSMC in the box feels better than every birthday present you've ever opened. Lookin' good!
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