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  1. delibsribs

    120 gal. build -New Member-

    I loved the beer holder idea too at one time. I've found through my experiences that it becomes a beer heater. The shelf gets so warm that I never ended up using it for cold beer. Coffee worked great though.
  2. delibsribs

    Reverse Flow Smokers and east texas smoker company

    Hi, for that price range you might want to check out the line of Meadowcreek smokers. They make a great unit as well. I am not familiar with east Texas smoker company.
  3. delibsribs

    80 gallon RF smoker build

    Great job. That bud light came out perfect.
  4. delibsribs

    New to smoking, 60 gallon build

    Very cool smoker. Great work. I love the wrench handle too. Glad to here it's putting out some good cue for you...sure looks delicious.
  5. delibsribs

    Smoker accessory/work table

    Hi everyone, I've upgraded from a Meadowcrek TS60 to a TS70. Little bigger size wise and still great craftsmanship meadowcreek is known for. One thing I don't like about the meadowcreek smokers is the work shelf it comes with. Too small and it gets so damn hot. My new one I ordered with no...
  6. delibsribs

    Almost forgot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The buffalo wing turns 50!!!

    Hey big do realize that there would be no Texas without the east coast pioneers...those that couldn't handle it moved west. Har-har-har.
  7. delibsribs

    What's a good tip for cleaning?

    What I do is take all your stuff that is dirty and place inside a plastic trash bag. Spray oven cleaner inside bag and all over everything inside the bag. Close up the bag and leave for as long as you want. Remove and rinse with hot soapy water. Works incredibly well with little mess to clean...
  8. delibsribs

    Where to get raw mixed nuts to smoke...

    natural store...huge selection...can't remember where...awesome
  9. delibsribs

    Smoking Pork Loins

    That sounds dirty....and delicious
  10. delibsribs

    Lang Smokers vs. other Top of The Line Smokers

    I'm hopping in here just to hopefully calm this discussion down a hair. Some good points from both sides here no doubt. For the record dba1954, if you are not familiar with RibWizzard or his work you might want to check it out. His builds are legendary bro! His position on Lang in particular is...
  11. delibsribs

    Hi! New guy from Alaska here!

    Welcome to this great forum. Lots of people here to help with anything and everything you would possibly want to know. Alaska is such a wonderful feast for the senses, you are a lucky man to have such an abundance of natures goodness at your disposal. Enjoy.
  12. delibsribs

    It's Finally Warm - Time for A Brisket on the Mini-WSM!

    That's the good kind of lazy. Perfect meal for two. Hope it tastes as good as it looks. Enjoy.
  13. delibsribs

    Plz help - fire went out on my briskey!!

    I am by no means a food safety expert. I've had food poisoning before and it sucks. I hate wasting money and good food but for my two cents I would not eat it. There are a couple guys on this forum that are like food safety Gestapo...I'm surprised that they haven't chimed in yet...where are u...
  14. delibsribs

    Plz help - fire went out on my briskey!!

    Not worth the risk. Toss it out. Peace of mind.
  15. delibsribs

    Kerosene Flavor II

    Glad we could help out.
  16. delibsribs

    Long distance call from Germany

    That sounds cool. Tons of great info, people, and tips here. You will learn a lot very quickly. Good luck with your project.
  17. delibsribs

    Free cherry wood (along with a little poison ivy)

    James, with gloves remove all the ivy now and throw in trash. Split, season, debark when it's easy to do so. Throw the gloves you used to strip the vines away too. Lots of soap and water right after too.
  18. delibsribs

    Free cherry wood (along with a little poison ivy)

    Hey James, the oils from the vines can take more than a year to dry out. You and anyone else around that fire that day got very lucky you didn't end up in the hospital as well. I've been a landscape professional for 15 years now and have seen this happen many times. Burning ivy, sumac, and...
  19. delibsribs


    Not that funny at all.
  20. delibsribs

    Kerosene Flavor ???

    Thanks Hambone, I thought that was damn funny too.