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  1. big poppa

    Pork prices????

     I talked to a buddy of mine at a local butcher shop this morning and the current butt prices here are $2.69 a pound. He said that a disease has hit the swine industry and that all of the ones that would of been going to slaughter now were the ones effected. Therefore a shortage of slaughter...
  2. big poppa

    Pork prices????

    I knew beef prices were on the rise but not pork...... Paid $1.59 a LB in Louisiana the other day for butts..... But over $3.00 is crazy!!
  3. big poppa

    First turkeys on new build.

    Them rascals look good! I love them deep colors when they come off the smoker.
  4. big poppa

    I'm ready to build a smoker but i need some help

    Be careful with using metals that have been used for such things as propane or pipe that may have been used on a pipeline.... Not knowing exactly has been in or passed through them could be bad. Fluorocarbons can imbed in the pores of the metal and release once heated. Hi heat from burning it...
  5. big poppa

    Pork Loin - First Attempt

    I have found that pork will take on seasonings more than other meats. Especially the onion and garlic. Sometimes overpowering the smoke flavor. They look pretty though!!
  6. big poppa

    Venison Is In The House!!

    Thanks guys. That batch there was for my buddies. We do several "sausage smoking" parties after hunting season winds down. I forgot to mention I made a small batch of chicken and apple sausage also. Left it fresh. Anxious to see how it turned out!
  7. Venison Is In The House!!

    Venison Is In The House!!

  8. big poppa

    Venison Is In The House!!

    Processed about 200 lbs of deer this weekend. Pushed the walls out on the smokehouse. Made a little green onion sausage and also some jalapeno with cheese sausage. I also made pepperoni, salami, and bologna along with a batch of snack sticks. It all turned out good!!
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  13. big poppa

    Turkey/Chicken Sausage Question

    I just ran a batch of chicken and apple sausage this weekend. I used natural casings as well and don't really find that it changes the taste. LOL, it would be hard to use turkey or chicken casings for this!!
  14. Swamp Smoking

    Swamp Smoking

  15. big poppa

    Swamp Smoking

    Good morning everyone! My first post never showed up in roll call so im gonna try again. Im Mike and I live in south Louisiana. I found this site while looking for info on water stuffers and Im glad I did, Lots of great info has been found here. I have a Smoky Hollow smoker for the patio and I...
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  17. big poppa


    Im in Louisiana as well. Have you ever tried gar? We have boiled it, deboned, and made patties mixed with potatoes and onions then smoked them. Its pretty good. Not the same as a slab of fish but its a meal!
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