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  1. Chef Perry

    Pork Head Porchetta

    Cool, thanks!
  2. Chef Perry

    Hello From From Idaho!

    Welcome, Alex! (From a fellow forum newbie...) ;) ~Perry
  3. Chef Perry

    Greetings from Snowy Washington!

    Hey everyone! Love the forums, already learning new stuff, and getting some delicious ideas! I'm Perry P. Perkins, a PNW lifer. I'm a third-generation chef, and grew up on kitchen floors. I love BBQ and grilling, and have been doing both for many years. I used to run a BBQ catering business...
  4. Chef Perry

    Finally got a chamber sealer!

    I have a FS 2in1 that I use to death. What are the advantages of the chamber sealer? Thanks! ~Perry
  5. Chef Perry

    Rotisserie pork loin?

    This is one of her big brothers, lol...
  6. Chef Perry

    Rotisserie pork loin?

    Thanks for the cross-hatching tip, I'll definitely do that! I'm also thinking, if I go AP, of setting up a second rotisserie, with a whole pineapple on it, over a drip pan, and using the drippings to baste, for a more authentic flavor. Down the road, I want to set up the same idea, but with a...
  7. Chef Perry

    Pork Head Porchetta

    I think it's ancient Florentine for "order more Lipitor"... ;)
  8. Chef Perry

    Pork Head Porchetta

    Thanks, man!
  9. Chef Perry

    Pork Head Porchetta

    Thanks, Al! Hey...several folks have congratulated me on this "carousel" thing...I'm clueless, lol. What is that?
  10. Chef Perry

    Pork Head Porchetta

    I do an annual "Deep end of the pool" dinner for friends and family. That's a whole roasted beef head, barbacoa-style, from a couple of year ago.
  11. Chef Perry

    Pork Head Porchetta

    Thanks man! Kinda a cross between the French Tete De Porc Farcie, and classic Roman porchetta. A thick slice of this on top of a plate of pommes puree is pretty hard to beat, lol. I love headcheese too, but my attempts have been hit and miss (old school "boil the trotters" for the aspic.) Any...
  12. Chef Perry

    Top round London broil roast.

    Just did pork head porchetta in mine, love it. Haven't tried a London Broil, but now I'm planning to pick one up tomorrow! Thanks for the info!
  13. Chef Perry

    Pork Head Porchetta

    This was a bit of work, lol, but totally worth it. I've done a lot of porchettas, but I think this was the best I've tasted. Skinning the head was the hardest part. I'm sure it gets easier with practice, but is was a pain for a first timer. Stuffed with pork belly, and shoulder slices. Then...
  14. Chef Perry

    Rotisserie pork loin?

    Going to try something besides the usual birds on my rotisserie. Got a nice 1/2 pork loin in the fridge, and I'm thinking about rubbing with al pastor spices, or basting with a mojo. Has anyone done a loin like this before? Any suggestions? I'll be using my baby caja (picture below). Thanks...
  15. Chef Perry

    Beef short ribs!

    Those look great! What temp are you smoking at?
  16. Chef Perry

    Newsletter Signup?

    Hey everyone, Apparently I'm a little slow today ( as usual), but I can't seem to find where I enter my name and email on the newsletter signup page? Help? Thanks! ~Chef Perry
  17. Chef Perry

    Amazen or other brand tube smokers?

    I have most of the a-maze-n models, and they're great! My favorite is the box smoker, but I use the tubes when I need to save space.