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  1. bobank03

    Has the ECB Group died?

    I'm still around but it might just be me and you. We did such a good job with the mods that no one wants to talk about it anymore! hahaha I need to clean my ECB up and use it a little. Been a little busy doing other things! lol my life story! 
  2. bobank03

    Brinkman Smoke n grill problems

    Wow that's impressive!
  3. bobank03

    Brinkman Smoke n grill problems

    maybe  three of four bolts with double nuts and the heads inwards to let the ECB rest on just before it would bind up?
  4. bobank03

    Brinkman Smoke n grill problems

    Nice, I like that mod! Nice job. Not sure that I've even seen a steel bushel basket around here, but i will check my local true value! Thanks for sharing,even though it is an old topic! 
  5. bobank03

    1st time smoker - temp problems with my Brinkman Smoke N Grill

    Hey TerryD! Looks like you are off to a good start, maybe a little too much smoke, it really should be little more than a wisp of smoke and looks like it is all escaping from around the lid. The pan looks solid. I recognize that ECB but I don't recall the name of it. Better than the standard...
  6. bobank03

    Twine or Trellis Clips...... GREAT IDEA .....

    Wondering how they worked on the cucs? I bought a bunch of these and have been using them for 3 years on my tomato plants and they have worked superb. I just added cucumbers this year and never considered that I needed to support them as well.  I have been growing containers and while I am...
  7. bobank03

    Please welcome a new Moderator

    We are in good hands! Congrats Farmer! 
  8. bobank03

    ECB's Bad Wrap !!!

    That's a pretty cool chimney starter. Might even be worthy of it's own thread! (Not too mention that franken-burner your running there... LOL. Not everyone is cut out to smoke with an ECB. If you can conquer an ECB you can operate any smoker known to man! 
  9. bobank03

    What came first? Thin Blue Smoke or Baby Back Ribs?

    TBS is in the air.  We may never know the answer to this age old question, but for me today? The baby backs came first. Out of the fridge and waiting to be rubbed.  Half chimney of lump get's the fire to it.  The pan eagerly awaits the fire... It's minion forming an upside down smile...
  10. 2014-08-22 16.07.30.jpg

    2014-08-22 16.07.30.jpg

  11. 2014-08-23 10.54.44.jpg

    2014-08-23 10.54.44.jpg

  12. 2014-08-23 10.54.55.jpg

    2014-08-23 10.54.55.jpg

  13. 2014-08-23 10.55.10.jpg

    2014-08-23 10.55.10.jpg

  14. 2014-08-23 11.28.00.jpg

    2014-08-23 11.28.00.jpg

  15. 2014-08-23 11.29.21.jpg

    2014-08-23 11.29.21.jpg

  16. bobank03

    Started modding my ecb..

    pretty much everything I have read here is that the closeable vent is only to close the holes when not smoking/ cooking as this will cause creosote to build up and give your food an acrid taste. Always control temps via the intake and never the exhaust. Another concern is that the more air that...
  17. bobank03

    Started modding my ecb..

    Right on the money, I'd say! Since my ECB (Charcoal Brinkmann) is wide open from the bottom; some smoke escaped around the bottom, even before I sealed the lid. I think that will always be an issue to a point, unless you seal the bottom to only an air intake vent. I have seen this, by removing...
  18. ecb dome and vent.jpg

    ecb dome and vent.jpg

  19. bobank03

    Started modding my ecb..

    too big is much better than too small, in this case. You want to seal up that gap around the lid so that you get a much more even flow of smoke. Mine still allows a tiny bit of smoke around it in a couple of places, because I didn't get it down tight enough in a couple places but 99 percent now...